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Goodflo are a wastewater management service and maintenance business. Simply we provide specification, product supply, installation and service for commercial kitchen owners and operators, in their wastewater grease management.

Typically we partner with commercial kitchen owners and operators to improve the efficiency of their kitchen staff, avoiding downtime for staff and interruption of their kitchen operation caused by fats, oils and grease. They are also likely to have concerns and issues with environmental, legal or landlord compliance.

We have introduced both innovative products and services and typically the type of people who would benefits most is businesses facing issues like:

business interuption caused by drainage problems

concerend about landlord, environmental, water company compliance

experencing staff issues related to maintenance of existing grease management systems

getting complaints from customers or neighbours about drainage blocks and foul odour

unhappy with performance or results from existing solution / provider

uncertain about what solutions are available or appropriate for their business

Frequently they are running successful restaurants or other types of hot food premises and want to concentrate on this core business activities secure in the knowledge they have a service partner who provides a complete service.

We also provide consultacy and product for trade partners directly and through Wolseley Plumb and Parts Centre

Grease Trap Cleaning

Talk to us - we can manage your Programmed Planned Maintenance (PPM) grease trap cleaning service. You will be surprise how much you can save in staff time and cost of emergency or unplanned drainage service work.

Without a regular programmed planned maintenance, all passive grease traps fill to capacity and fats, oils and grease pass straight through to your drainage system.

We also recommend that biological dosing systems and electro-mechanical grease traps are professional serviced annually.

Many of our customer tell us that they are unhappy wirh their current grease management system, concerned about environmental or legal compliance issues and the health and safety aspects of in kitchen staff maintenance of grease management systems.

We are registered waste carriers and will provide you with full environmental and legal compliance documentation.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Goodflo G-Bag Grease Trap System

Buy the latest in in kitchen grease managment systems as a self-serviced or fully serviced option.

Goodflo will install and supply, at no capital cost to you, the Goodflo G-bag system and for a regular service contract fee maintain and manage the system providing you with full environmental and legal complaince. More importantly complete piece of mind that your kitchen will be free of interuption, odour issues and drain problems as a result of fats, oils and grease from your wash up.


Goodflo G-Bag Grease Trap System

Underground Grease Trap Meets Building Regulations

Building regulations compliant underground grease trap.

From 300 litre capacity this compact underground grease trap is ideal for schools, small hotels, care homes and other multiple occupancy buidlings with hot food commercial kitchens.

Underground Grease Trap Meets Building Regulations
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