Goss Springs Ltd



Design, Manufacture & Assembly Of Precision Components

We are one of Britains leading producers of high quality precision springs, wire forms and pressings

We manufacture for many industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Electrical, Electronics, Medical, Security, Sports & Leisure, Hobbies and Toys and Marine.

We have ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 Automotive and AS9100 Aerospace accreditation

Spring Products

We can provide the following types of Springs

Compression Springs



  Compression springs are designed to become shorter when loaded. Their turns (coils) are not touching in the unloaded position, and they need no attachment points.

Torsion Spring


A torsion spring is a spring that works by torsion or twisting; that is, a flexible elastic object that stores mechanical energy when it is twisted. The amount of force (actually torque) it exerts is proportional to the amount it is twisted.

Tension Spring


Tension  springs are designed to become longer under load. Their turns (coils) are normally touching in the unloaded position, and they have a hook, eye or some other means of attachment at each end.

Conical Springs


Conical springs are a type of compression spring shaped like a cone and are designed to become flat when loaded. Their turns (coils) are not touching in the unloaded position, and they need no attachment points.

Coil Spring


Coil Spring - Consists of a metal wire formed into a coil that can store energy when compressed and releases energy as the load is taken off.

Extension Spring


Extension springs are designed to become longer under load. Their turns (coils) are normally touching in the unloaded position, and they have a hook, eye or some other means of attachment at each end. 


Barrel Spring



A type of compression spring shaped like a barrel for special applications.

Double Torsion Spring


A double torsion spring consists of two single torsion springs a left and right hand  joined together in parallel usually with a straight section in between.

Double Conical spring


double conical  spring consists of two single conical  springs a left and right hand joined together in parallel usually with a straight section in between.

Wire Shapes


We can produce many different wire shapes to customer requirements, out of a variety of materials

Wire Forms


 We can produce many different wire forms to customer requirements, out of a variety of materials

Helical Spring


A type of spring formed by winding strips of metal around a cylinder. Also known as a coil spring

Clock Spring


Clocksprings generally consist of a flat strip  wound in a spiral shape.

Spring Suppliers


 Whether the requirement is for a simple helical spring or a complex multi-stage pressing with precious metal contacts, Goss Springs offer a wealth of experience and supply customers throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide.
Our production capacity is further enhanced by our own 'in-house' Injection Plastic Moulding capability for customers who require over moulded parts.

Technical Springs


Of particular value to many customers is our design and technical advisory service which can be brought into play at the concept stage to develop an initial idea or for the production of prototypes and one-off applications.
In addition to our ISO9001 Approval, we have recently gained ISO/TS16949 Automotive and AS9100 Aerospace accreditation.

Spring Capacities

CNC Wire Forms - 4mm

CNC Springs - 4.5mm

Hand Form / Prototype Springs & Forms - 12.7mm

Multi-Stage Progression Tools -250 Tonne

About Us

Goss Springs is a private family run business, with a wealth of history. The Goss family having been involved in the spring industry for over 65 years.

The company is located in London, and is one of the largest, privately owned Spring & Press Manufacturers in the south east. There is also a sister company who specialise in Press & Multi-slide Tooling (PMT), which is located on the same site.

We employ some 75 - 100 staff, many whom have been with the company since starting their apprenticeships 50+ years ago.

Spring Design

Everything Goss Springs produces is custom made and often developed in consultation with our design and technical advisory staff. This design work is often carried out in conjunction with our designated prototype workshop where customers can work alongside our own engineers if required.

This can involve taking an existing part and finding ways to improve the product life or to reduce cost of manufacture. In many instances we are involved at an early stage of product design where we can advise on material properties, methods of manufacture, heat treatment and surface finishing to produce a suitably robust component at an acceptable cost. 

 A wide range of materials is used including annealed and pre-hardened carbon steel, stainless steel, non ferrous alloys, Silver, Nickel Silver, Gold, the latest generation of thermo-bimetals and high Nickel Alloy material for corrosive situations and environments.

Precision Springs

 We have continuously invested in the latest manufacturing technology picked from European, American and Japanese machinery manufacturers. This investment encompasses a wide variety of equipment ranging from high speed presses to sophisticated wire forming and spring machines which can coil, loop and load test without human intervention.
Fully automated production on multi-stage machines, ideal for large volume items, is matched by simpler and inexpensive hand operated machines for short runs or secondary operations where it is not possible or practical to perform all forming by automated process.

Between these extremes, there are a variety of methods and processes available to our designers to achieve the most cost effective manufacturing route for each component.
We make components for a variety of companies including many household names. You will also find our work in hi-tec microsurgery instruments, automotive and aircraft components.
We are a solutions - oriented business so it's likely that as well as manufacturing the part we will have had a hand in its' design.

Spring Services

Heat Treatment

After initial manufacturing, parts move on to our heat treatment section where automatically regulated furnaces and tempering ovens add the required degree of hardness or mechanical properties.

Barrelling & Plating

Components can be polished or surfaced with a variety of protective or plating finishes applied to the whole or specific areas of the component. Finishes include nickel, zinc, silver and gold platings and an almost limitless variety of enamelled or sprayed colours

The precise finishing of the part will have been specified at the design stage based on the required performance and life expectancy of the part and the environment in which it will be used.

We work with several NAMAS approved laboratories for the testing of corrosion protection.


With our rapidly expanding assembly department we can provide a one-stop source for sub-assemblies such as switches and electrical contacts. We will contract for the supply of out-sourced parts, injection mouldings are produced in our in house facility, and carry out assembly on our own premises maintaining our rigorous quality standards.
Increasingly, we are helping customers to integrate assembly at the earliest point of manufacture, thereby reducing transport and handling costs and speeding up turnaround. This can range from simple hand assembly to the design of customised assembly presses with specialised operator training where appropriate. Post-assembly testing procedures are tailored to individual customer requirements.



Here are just a few business sectors that we deal with.

Automotive Springs


Goss Springs are accredited to TS16949 and work for a number of companies in the automotive sector, supplying custom-made parts including springs, wireforms, pressed parts, contacts and sub assemblies.

Aerospace Springs


Aircraft safety is an area in which quality cannot be compromised. Goss Springs are accredited to AS9100 Aerospace standards. We can supply F.A.I.R (First Article Inspection Report) on request.

Goss Springs make the springs and small pressed parts for aircraft and parachute systems. Each individual Item is inspected several times for metallurgic and manufacturing integrity before being certified for use.

Defence Springs


We supply some of the key manufacturers in the defence industry, with many of our components being used actively on the front lines around the world..

We have the history, knowledge & experience in understanding our customers requirements, whether it be 100% inspection & testing, special finishing, supplying samples or accompanying documentation.

Medical Springs


We have been supplying to the medical industry for many years, and were actively involved in the design and prototype of specialist equipment used to burn away cancerous cells.

Marine Springs


Spring parts working in or around the elements require extra erosive resistance. Goss Springs can provide whatever level of resistance that is required to provide a product that is hardwearing and long lasting. We can work together with our customers and suppliers for the best quality possible.

Electrical Springs



We supply to one of the largest manufactures of Plugs sockets & light controls in the world today.

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