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Here at GPS Perimeter Systems, we are experts in the supply of affordable external perimeter security systems. Our perimeter security systems detect intruders outside before they can do any damage. We have over 25 years of experience in fence security, perimeter security and infrared systems to meet individual requirements.

Buried Security Systems

Our buried security systems are invisible once installed and are almost impossible for an intruder to locate. Our innovative buried security systems can follow the shape and contours of irregular boundaries and are not restricted to "line of sight" applications. Buried security systems do not require a specific physical barrier and will work under a variety of different surfaces including grass, gravel, asphalt and paving.

Fibre Optic Security

We provide fibre optic security systems including vibration sensitive detection systems. Our fibre optic security systems are suitable for installation on fences, pipelines or can be buried to create affordable protection for long perimeters and pipes.

Perimeter Security Equipment

We design, operate and maintain multi-sensor, multi-technology perimeter security equipment to suit individual requirements. Our systems allow access the sensor data from a central point without physically going to each individual sensor. Our perimeter security systems use a variety of communications medium, such as copper cable, fibre optics and wireless, making best use of existing cable infrastructure if available.

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