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Grange security are Installers of Burglar Alarms in the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire area. They also install Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarms and  Integrated Security Systems .
Security Systems Buckinghamshire.

CCTV Buckinghamshire

CCTV :  CCTV systems  are used to reduce crime and protect your buildings. Grange security installs CCTV fit all applications. 

  • CCTV provides an additional deterrent
  • CCTV technology can be used in both internal and external environments

Covering CCTV Buckinghamshire.

Access Control Buckinghamshire

Fire Alarms Buckinghamshire

Fire Alarms: Grange Security offer domestic and commercial fire alarms to protect lives and your property. In the event of fire an audible warning is raised throughout the building, it can additionally be monitored to call the Fire Brigade. Fire Alarms Buckinghamshire.

Alarm Systems Buckinghamshire

Grange Security Systems offers a wide range of Alarm Systems, including:

Burglar Alarms Buckinghamshire

Intruder Alarms:  The basic system makes a loud warning noise in the event of an inturder. A dialler can also be added to alert you on your mobile phone, or the system can be monitored to alert your key holders and the Police!
Burglar Alarms Buckinghamshire

Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarms: Features:32 wireless zones + 1 wired zone,3 partitions, 4 programmable outputs: two 3A relays + two 70mA OC outputs,250 event log, 32 user codes, Two models: LCD version & LCD with integrated voice capabilities, Wireless calibration and adjustable threshold level, enables higher immunity to false jamming alarms, Built-in 85dB internal siren, plus 500mA external siren driver, 868 or 433 MHz frequencies, Transmitter signal strength displayed on LCD, Simple programming logic – fully menu driven, All detectors supervised for presence, low battery, jamming and tamper.

For more information on Wireless Alarms from Grange Security, please see our website.

Wired Alarms

Wired Alarms: CPX Control Panel Features: PD6662, EN50131-1 Grade 2, Alert Keys for PA/Fire on keypad, DD243 compliant, 15 user codes, 2 programmable outputs, 300 event log, 9 EOL zones, Wireless expansion up to 8 wireless zones and 8 keyfobs, Up to four 32 character LCD RKPs, Programmable Chime function, Vo-comm: up to 4 phone numbers with preprogrammed message, Strobe confirmation, Connects to ARC Receivers using Contact ID / SIA / Ademco FF, Up to 4 LCD remote keypads can be added, SMS text messaging optionKeypads and G-Tag (CPX),  Alert keys for PA/Fire on keypad, G-Tag compatible for proximity set/unset via the G-Tag keyfob, Separate bell tamper to detect compromise of the external sounder, Universal Transmitters and Door/Window Contact

Wireless Accessories (CPX), Wireless PIR and PET PIR, Wireless Shock, Smoke, Flood and Glassbreak detectors, 2 button Panic keyfob / 4 button keyfob, Wireless WatchOUT Outdoor Detector

CP8L Features: PD6662 EN-50131-1 Grade 2X, Up to 4 LCD RKPs can be added, 8 fully programmable zones, 9 user codes and 250 log event memory time & date stamp, Engineer code lock in, Service timer & Anti-code reset, Individual tamper indicators (not zones), Two part sets (optional silent part), Programmable alert keys - PA, Fire or Alert, Programmable chime function - (any zone)

Fire Detection Systems

We have more than 20 years experience protecting against fire accidents. We use technology that ensures fires are detected faster which minimises the damage they cause.

We Offer a wide range of  Fire Detection Systems including: Smoke, Heat and CO Detectors, Sounders, Beacons, Manual Call Points.

For more information on our Fire Detection Systems, please visit our website.

Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen: The standard FOG BANDIT 240 DB offers exceptional fog generating capabilities.  One unit can fill a room up to 504 cubic metres with dense fog.  For larger volumes, 2 or more FOG BANDIT's may be used together.

Basic features: easily programmable version by means of DIP switches, system status indicators on front panel, error LED with blink function in relation to failure indication, fixed functionality for control inputs and status outputs.
For more information on Grange Security Smoke Screen, please see our website.


CCTV: Closed Circuit Television is a well recognised way to help reduce crime, protect your home, public spaces, businesses, and organisations. The effects of CCTV are highlighted by the falling crime statistics when installed in town and city centres.

We provide CCTV systems to fit all applications from a simple observation system at your home to an office block, a hospital, town centre or airport system with hundreds of cameras.  We can work with you to identify your security needs and objectives, and develop a solution to answer them all.

Access Control

Access Control: We provide leading edge solutions to protect offices, factories, hospitals, public buildings, shops, schools, colleges and your home.

Cost Effective Technologies: Keypad code entry, Magnetic stripe swipe cards, Proximity fobs or cards

Other Technologies : Smartcard Readers, Biometric Readers, Hands Free Readers.

Physical Security

Physical Security: Collapsible and Fixed Grilles are Manufactured to your requirements.

Roller Shutters: Designed and manufactured to fit your needs from industrial solid doors to meshed retail frontage

Perimeter Protection: Suitable for both domestic and commercial properties.


Our range includes deposit safes, fire safes, document cabinets and safes, under floor safes. Please contact us with your requirements

 Graded Safes :Special Safes: We can manufacture any safe to your special needs and requirements.

 See our website for more informations on safes.

Fire Extinguishers

Grange Security supply fire extinguishers which are manufactured to the highest standard in the UK. They are approved to BS EN3 - the standard for portable fire extinguishers.

Please see our website for more information on the types of Fire extinguishers we offer including: Water, Foam, ABC Powder, Special Dry Powder, CO2 and Wet chemical fire extinguishers.

Burglar Alarms Oxfordshire

We offer burglar alarms to the following postcodes OX1 OX2 OX3 OX4 OX5 OX7 OX9 OX10 OX11 OX12 OX13 OX14 OX15 OX16 OX17 OX18 OX20 OX25 OX26 OX27 OX28 OX29 OX33 OX39 OX44 and OX49. For further information on this, please see our website or call our Oxford branch on 01865 566298.

Burglar Alarm Buckinghamshire

Grange security cover the following postcodes in the Buckinghamshire area HP1 HP2 HP3 HP4 HP5 HP6 HP7 HP8 HP9 HP10 HP11 HP12 HP13 HP14 HP15 HP16 HP17 HP18 HP19 HP20 HP21 HP22 HP23 and HP27. For more information on the areas we cover and the products we offer, please see our website for further details.

Burglar Alarms Gloucestershire

Grange security cover the following post code areas GL1 GL2 GL3 GL4 GL5 GL6 GL7 GL8 GL9 GL10 GL11 GL12 GL13 GL14 GL15 GL16 GL17 GL18 GL19 GL20 GL50 GL51 GL52 GL53 GL54 GL55 and GL56. Please see our website for further details or contact our Gloucester Branch on 01452 401154

Burglar Alarms Wiltshire

We offer Burglar Alarms in these postcode areas SN1 SN2 SN3 SN4 SN5 SN6 SN7 SN8 SN9 SN10 SN11 SN12 SN13 SN14 SN15 SN16 SN25 SN26 SN38 and SN99. For more information on our products and services, please visit our website or call our Wiltshire branch on 01793 399381.

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