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The Scientific division of Grant Instruments designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality scientific equipment used in laboratories throughout the world for analytical, diagnostic and research purposes.

Grant laboratory products are renowned for their high quality robust design, reliable and consistent performance and long-term value for money. All products are covered by a Grant warranty, for most products this is 3 years, and Grant's legendary service.

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Laboratory Equipment


  • Unstirred water baths and stirred temperature controlled baths/circulators for heating
  • Refrigerated baths/circulators for cooling
  • Dry block heaters for incubating samples
  • Shaking baths for heating and agitating samples
  • Ultrasonic baths for cleaning laboratory vessels
  • Seed germination efficiency testing temperature gradient plates
Laboratory Equipment

Scientific Products

Grant affiliate Biosan, part owned by Grant Instruments, designs and manufactures Grant bio equipment, an innovative and cost-effective range of compact products designed primarily for life science applications. These include:

The range has been designed with the user in mind. Users of Grant Bio products can be assured of their durability and reliability, in the same way as the rest of the Grant Instruments range. 

Products in the Grant Bio range include: 

  • Shakers, mixers and stirrers
  • thermoshakers with heating and cooling
  • rocker and rotators
  • combined centrifuges/vortex mixers
  • heating/cooling dry blocks
  • Orbital shaker-incubators
  • microplate apparatus
Scientific Products

Products for special applications

Grant Custom Solutions also designs and manufactures a range of special products for high and low temperature applications and for specific applications in the medical, diagnostics and research.

The range of products include: High-temperature equipment - baths/circulators and dry block heaters, flow heaters, low-temperature equipment - recirculating chillers, inspissator for the production of tuberculoses culture medium, transportable incubator designed to hold samples at 37°C during transport, temperature gradient plate for investigating responses to temperature in seeds and plants.

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Products for special applications

Data Acquisition

Grant designs and manufactures the world renowned range of Squirrel data loggers - small, portable, battery operated loggers for metering and recording a wide variety of physical parameters in scientific and research laboratories.

Data logger products from Grant Instruments are characterised by their ease of use, high accuracy of measurement and high quality of build, leading to high reliability of data and system longevity.

 Grant's range of Squirrel data loggers include:

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Data Acquisition
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