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We provide a diverse range of delicatessen packaging papers perfect for use in a delicatessen shop and used for the wrapping and presentation of cheeses, cooked and uncooked meats and greasy or oily foods.

Our delicatessen packaging papers can be supplied plain or printed with your own branding on them and in sheets, rolls or bags.

Confectionary Packing Papers

We supply a selection of confectionary packing papers ideal for the wrapping and presentation of a range of confectionery.

Confectionary packing papers can be provided plain or with branded printing on them and in bags, rolls or in sheets.

Waxed Food Wrapping Papers

We have a variety of different graded waxed food wrapping papers including bleached kraft papers and wax coated.

Waxed food wrapping papers are used to give effective grease and moisture resistant protection. They are ideal for confectionery papers, cheese and yeast wrappers, delicatessen and fast-food wraps or bags, and traditional bread wrappers.

Toiletries & Soap Wrappers

Our comprehensive range of waxed bleached kraft papers can be used as toiletries and soap wrappers.

Toiletries and soap wrappers can be used for packaging soap and bath products. We also supply pleated soap wrappers for circular shaped products.

Ferrous Protection

Our ferrous protection includes a range of specially treated packaging papers.

Ferrous protection is used to guard ferrous metal parts, during storage, from damaging corrosion.

Printed Tissue Papers

We have printed tissue paper available in commercially-friendly acid-free 17gsm MF and 21gsm MG grades.

Out printed tissue paper is printed one side and randomly cut into customised designs. We also provide a 100 percent colour print to match a required pantone shade.

Printed tissue papers are mainly used in retail for packing of clothes, accessories and jewellery.

Printed Gift Wrap

Our extensive selection of printed gift wrap includes bleached kraft papers printed with designs or logos tailored to your requirements and needs.

Printed gift wrap is supplied in sheets or in counter rolls and is often used in retail and mail order packaging applications.

Machine Finished Tissue

 Our machine finished tissue paper is acid free and ideally suited for wrapping delicate retail items like metallic jewellery. 

Our machine finished tissue is available in 17gsm base weight and printed in a range of four colours. One of these colours can be complete coverage across the paper on one or two sides.

MG Tissue

MG tissue is a commercially used, acid free tissue paper suited for packing general retail products and gift wrap packaging applications.

Our MG tissue is supplied in 21gsm base weight and printed in up to four colours with 100 percent coverage on one or both sides.

MG (Machine Glazed) Bleached Kraft

Our MG (machine glazed) bleached kraft paper is ideal for general retail and gift wrap packaging situations. MG (machine glazed) bleached kraft paper is available in a range of weights including 37gsm, 50gsm and 70gsm.

A diversity of other base weights may be available on request and dependent on the quantities. They can be printed in up to four colours with coverage on one or two sides. 

Coated Bleached Kraft

Our coated bleached kraft is suited for wrapping luxury gifts and provides a range of superior fold properties. They are available in 90gsm base weight and coated bleached kraft is available in a glossy version.

They are printed in a range of four colours and can have complete colour coverage on one or both sides of the sheets.

Gripkraft Anti-Slip Pallet Sheets

Our Gripkraft anti-slip pallet sheets have been designed especially by us to provide safer palletisation. Gripkraft anti-slip pallet sheets have an increase of friction between layers of palletised goods. This dramatically reduces the risk of slippage and any potential damage.  

Paper with this unique coating is available in heavy duty white or brown and can be used in various automated pallet applications. Pallet sheets can be produced in standard pallet sizes or cut to match client's requirements. Gripkraft anti-slip pallet sheets are also available in reels.

Traystay Anti-Slip Tray Liners

Our traystay anti-slip tray liners are printed with an anti-slip coating and can be used on room service trays and on airline trays to reduce spillage and slipping.

Traystay anti-slip tray liners are available in three grades and can be cut to airline industry dimensions or any required size or shape.   

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