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Granton Medical Limited

Granton Medical Limited has been offering medical packaging and packing solutions to the medical device industry for more than half a century.   Our current product and services portfolio includes:-

  • High quality flexographic printing on a wide range of substrates from stock - we can print your medical papers for you and supply in roll stock form for your in-house packing requirements
  • Off line slitting - we are able to provide printed reels for Multivac or any other FFS/thermoforming type of machine in any width for those with their own packing equipment
  • Medical device sub contract packing in our ISO Class 7 (10,000) cleanroom facility in Sheffield, UK under the Granton Cleanline brand name
  • UK's largest volume manufacturer of Self Seal Sterilisation Pouches for the dental, medical, veterinary and other healthcare markets
  • Sterilisation Reels and Heat Sealing Machines
  • High quality Latex Examination Gloves - specialising in Black Latex gloves for the tattoo market
  • Granton made in Sheffield, UK Dental and Laboratory Knives, Spatulas and Palette Knives

Granton Medical Ltd

Cleanline Services

Cleanline™ is the name of our contract medical packing system.

Cleanline™ presents our entire range of medical packaging and packing and sterilisation services and gives customers the opportunity to pick and choose or mix and match the services they need for any given project.

Our Cleanline™ services include:

  • High quality flexographic printing on a wide range of substrates from stock
  • Off line slitting - we are able to provide printed reels for Multivac or any other FFS/thermoforming type of machine in any width for those with their own packing equipment
  • Medical device packing in our ISO Class 7 (10,000) cleanroom facility in Sheffield, UK
  • Expertise to help our customers devise the perfect packing solution for their product
  • Ability to cope with both low and high-volume packing
  • Cost efficient packing solutions including peel pouches, paper/film packs, paper/paper packs, blister packs, 4-side seal packs and thermoformed packs
  • Pre-packing options including medical device passivation, ultrasonic cleaning, assembly and washing and disinfection of medical devices to HTM 2030, in line with best practice
  • Sterilisation services and management of the sterilisation process
Granton Medical Ltd

What can we pack?

Our Cleanline™ service can be tailored to suit our customer’s packing needs. So what can we pack?

Typical situations catered for include:

  • Size – from screws and burrs to orthopaedic implants and instruments
  • Material – from metals and plastics to dressings and soft products
  • Content – from single instruments to procedure packs and tray assemblies
  • Volume – from one off’s to high volume runs
  • Customers – from small local businesses to multinational corporations
What can we pack?

Sterilisation Pouches

We’ve been manufacturing self seal sterilisation pouches for over 10 years now. In fact, we currently produce more than 100 million pouches per year, making us the UK’s largest manufacturer of these products. Our self-seal sterilisation pouches are the market leading product in the UK, either in Granton® branding or in own label packaging.

Product features include:

  • Manufactured from heavyweight medical grade paper and 2-ply shatterless blue tinted film, resistant to tearing
  • Suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation methods and printed with Class 1 Process Indicators
  • Each pouch is printed with a lot number for full manufacturing traceability
  • Off-set webs for ease of opening
  • Tack seals to prevent curling and reduce external contamination
  • Comprehensive size range
  • Custom sizes produced by arrangement
Sterilisation Pouches

Sterilisation Packaging

We supply a comprehensive range of heat seal pouches and reels. Our sterilisation reels are made from medical grade paper and multi-layer heat-sealable PET/PE blue tinted film and suitable for both steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation. Our pouches and reels are printed with Class 1 Process Indicators for both processes.

Sterilisation Packaging

Thermosealing Machines

Alongside our heat seal sterilisation reels and pouches, we are also pleased to offer our customers the Euroseal 2001 Plus electronic thermosealing machine, designed for the easy and reliable sealing of heat seal sterilisation reels and pouches. 

The Euroseal 2001 Plus thermosealing machine is compact and perfectly designed to fit into any clinic or surgery environment. It is easy to use and maintain as well as being competitively priced.

Thermosealing Machines

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves in our excellent quality assurance. Our medical packing and manufacturing takes place under ISO-13485:2003 quality management system. We are also a registered establishment with the US FDA.

Quality Assurance

Surgical Scalpels and Blades

Granton® surgical scalpels and blades are manufactured to the current ISO standards and are available in all the popular sizes and patterns. We also assemble and pack speciality surgical scalpels and blades in our cleanroom, including our innovative safety scalpels with retractable blades, designed to help eliminate the risks of accidental cross infection injury in first aid and theatre environments.

Surgical Scalpels and Blades

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