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Grass Concrete Limited Is a UK based company with a history of over 35 years in the field of Environmental Construction Engineering. Its core product Grasscrete has made a major contribution to the world of paving technology. In addition to its home UK market Grasscrete is now available through a network of almost 100 Licensees and Sub-licensees around the World.

Grasscrete features a reinforced concrete structure capable of accepting traffic up to 40 tonnes. At the same time its self draining capability serves to create a natural balance between rainfall and, either percolation or rain water harvesting, embracing technology now commonly termed Sustainable Urban Drainage.

Grass Concrete Limited also provides a range of other pavers for; traffic, water environment or green roofs. Its product portfolio is completed by the Betoconcept range of earth retaining and noise barrier walls. These offer plantable or stone finish solutions in a dry build interlocking concrete block format.

As a company Grass Concrete Limited is committed to serving the environment. In addition to the benefits in place that its systems provide the company also has a heavy focus on the use of re-cycled materials. For the UK the company has its own Contracts Division that is able to add to an extensive customer service. 

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With no benchmark Quality Standards in place the selection of an appropriate grass paver can sometimes make for a difficult decision. This isn’t helped by misleading performance claims made by some of our competitors.

Here at Grass Concrete Limited we have adopted a no nonsense approach towards our customers. With a complete range of systems we are able to focus upon the most “appropriate” rather than the most “available”.

We don’t for instance over emphasise barely relevant laboratory bench tests to suggest the load bearing capability of plastic pavers, that are then laid in a wholly different environment and loading scenario.

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Green Roofing

For green roof technology to have a significant beneficial effect on our environment then it has to become an “everyday” specification that is easily available for use on both new and existing buildings. A key factor in achieving widespread use is the simplicity of the system and how it is installed.

In developing new grassroof simplicity has been our principle aim. With a dry fix legged paving unit the system can be quickly and easily installed over roof membranes new or old. This technology enables grassroof to be specified across the full range of EXTENSIVE, SIMPLE-INTENSIVE or INTENSIVE categories of green roofs.

Green Roofing


The Betoconcept Range

Dry-Build Solutions for earth retention or noise absorption.

These interlocking units enable a quick and easy construction process with a choice of plantable or stone finished faces, together with a range of colours.

The Binwall Range

The ideal bin-store system, with a dry-build and demountable format. Binwall makes a great choice for Quarries, Waste Transfer Stations, Re-cycling Plants, Bulk Storage Yards etc.


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