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The main focus at GRAD is to develop new and innovative products for our clients. Our Product Development Service combines our project management service with the various technical services on offer from GRAD. This allows us to deliver a product that fits your budget, functional and business requirements.

In addition to New Product Development, our Product Design Service can be utilised for life cycle extension. This would generally involve a major upgrade to an existing product. This could be in the form of software changes for example adding a new language, hardware based changes such as replacement of an obsolete component or a mixture of the two such as adding a new communications interface.

Product Management Strategy

At Graviton R&D, we excel at utilising project management strategies to help your products reach their full potential. To help meet your needs, we can use our project management experience to deliver the product you require. Please contact us today to see how we can help.

Our project management process endeavours to follow:

  • Stage 1 - Concept
  • Stage 2 - Proof of Concept
  • Stage 3 - Prototype
  • Stage 4 - Design for Manufacture
  • Stage 5 - Manufacture / On-going Support
Product Management Strategy

Electronics and Embedded Software

At the core of our business, we can assist you with electronics and embedded software needs. Our engineers have years of experience working with micro-controllers from the world's leading manufacturers. We are confident we can help you see that your embedded software needs are met and implemented.

We have successfully worked with micro-controllers in different technologies including:

  • Zigbee
  • RS485
  • Embedded Ethernet
  • Touch Screen Displays
  • USB
  • GPS and GPRS Technology

We specialise in bringing relevant technologies together to fulfill the exact demands of your product.

Electronics and Embedded Software

PC Software

Our PC software services take two forms:

  • Support software for a physical device
  • Data processing or stock management software

We can help provide PC software applications that run on one or all of Windows, Linux and OSX operating systems as well as network environments which may incorporate one or all of those systems.

PC Software

Product Manufacture

Depending on your product and requirements, we can provide product manufacturing services from circuit board population through to complete product assembly and packing. We have in-house manufacturing facilities. Additionally, we work with select partners in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

As part of our product manufacture services, they can be either shipped directly to your customers, or shipped to you for further processing or sale.

Product Manufacture

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