GreenBrook Controls and Components Division


We supply a wide range of products from many of the world's leading manufacturers, including Eaton Moeller, Rockwell Automation, Carling Technologies and Carlo Gavazzi and offer our customers some of the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for your control, measurement and protection requirements. With our wide choice of electrical control gear , we  always aim to provide our customers with the most suitable solution  to optimize their application.

Our electrical control gear range includes Panel Switches, Pushbuttons, Rotary Switches, Indicators, Light Towers, Liquid Level Controls, Photo Electric Detectors, Proximity Sensors, Mechanical Limit Switches, Timers, Clocks,  Counters, Programmable Relays, Plug in Relays, Contactors, Solid State Relays, Inverter Drives and Softstarters.

Power Distribution

Our range of Electrical Power Distribution products includes Solid and Flexible Busbars, DIN Rail mounted Distribution Blocks, and Low Voltage Barrel Insulators to support BusBars, Fuses and Panels.

Complementing this is our Range of Energy (KwH) Meters, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Frequency Meters and Current Transformers.

Distributing Low Voltage DC is achieved by our range of DIN Rail mounting high efficiency Switched Mode Power Supplies .

Circuit Protection Devices

Our extensive range of circuit protection devices are manufactured by Eaton Moeller , Carling Technologies and Carlo Gavazzi.

They include Motor Protection Relays, Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers, Miniature Circuit Breakers, Miniature Thermal Breakers, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, Voltage, Current, Frequency and Power Monitoring Relays.

RCD protection is also available in Single and 3 phase DIN Rail mounting devices and single phase in line packages.

Automotive and Mobile

We have a comprehensive range of  devices and switches  for automotive and mobile applications, such as rockers , toggles, pushbutton. and rotary switches, fuses and circuit breakers.

GreenBrook is a franchised distributor for Carling Switches, well known in the transportation market for the Contura V Series Rocker Switches and Indicator Lamps.

Our automotive and mobile profile also includes pcb and plug-in relays for loads of 12vdc and 24vdc and currents upto 200A , together with matching  Relay Sockets and Connectors.

Machine Safety Products

Our machine safety products comprise of safety relays, E-stops, mechanical limit switches, Non Contact Limit switches, Safety Mats, Safety Edge, and Light Curtains. We also supply a range of speed and motion monitoring items as well as a variety of machine safety products such as trapped key systems, pull cords and safety edges.

GreenBrook is a franchised distributor of Rockwell Allen Bradley Guardmaster Safety Channel Products.

Miniature Switches And Relays

Our miniature switches and relays range include PCB and panel mounting control components for use in telecom, automotive, industrial and domestic appliances. We offer Tactile, Key, Slide, Dipswitch, Rotary Code, Pushbutton and Toggle switches, in through hole and surface mount terminations. Our Relay range offering includes Miniature and Subminiature, from Dry Circuit Loads to 30A ,  from single pole to 6 pole and conventional, Bifurcated and force guided contacts.

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