Infrared panel heaters are ideal for the home and business and come in various sizes. They are 90% efficient and heat the fabric and objects in the room not the air. 

Like the warmth of sun on your skin. FAR infrared heaters hit you directly. They do not rely on heating the air around you. On a cold day when you stand in the sun you feel the warmth. If you then stand in the shade or the cloud blocks the sun you feel an instant chill on your body. this is because the sun emits far infrared heat which is as same as our far infrared heaters.

They provide a comfortable and healthy heat in any room or space. They fit on the wall or ceiling and can even be fitted on stands to make them totally portable.

Standard White Panels
Glass Infrared Panels - Black and White
Mirrored Infrared Panels - Plain or Smoked 

Infrastrip - Infrared Heaters - Hot Yoga Heaters

Infrastrip heaters are ideal for hot yoga centres where a raised heat is required as well as smoking areas in pubs bars and restuarants. They are effective and very effieicent at heating these areas. This because, unlike traditional heaters, they do not rely on heating the air but actually heat the objects and people directly. 

The infrastrip heaters are for larger and hard to heat spaces. Fitted to the wall or hung from the ceiling they can heat areas up to 40 m² They come with programmable thermostats.

Infrared Heaters offer many benefits. 

Easy Installation
Silent Operation
Clean - No Emmissions or smells
No Maintenance 
Can be Zoned

Energy efficient heating 

As infrared heaters warm the objects in a room and not the air, they heat space more efficiently. Traditional convection heating warms the air which circulates around the space being heated. When a door or window is opened the warm air is replaced by cold making the area cold. The walls and other obejcts in the room act like storage radiators and therefore are not as affected by the air change.

Also, for properties with high ceilings heating them with convection is difficult as the warm air rises and leaving the cooler air ot lower levels. This does not happen with infrared heating. 

For more information on the benefits of infrared heaters or to discuss them in more details contact us  

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