Greenwood Magnetics Ltd.

Greenwood Magnetics specialise in 2 areas : Small Industrial Magnets and Permanent Magnetic Separators.

Small Magnets:

We supply a full range including:
  • Rare Earth (Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt)
  • Ferrite - Cut to order
  • Alnico
Magnetic Separators:
We manufacture Separators and Assemblies to customer requirements.

Our range of magnets include :
  • Bullet magnets
  • Easy-clean Grid Boxes
  • Magnetic Humps
  • Magnetic Cartidges
  • Magnetic Filter Boxes
  • Pipeline magnets
  • Suspension magnets
  • Magnetic Grids
  • Magnetic Plates
  • Magnetic Tubes
  • Magnetic Bars
  • Magnetic Probes
  • Magnetic Sweepers
  • Forklift magnets
  • Magnetic Rails
  • Magnetic Sheet separators
  • Magnetic Head Rollers
  • Block magnets
All our permanent magnetic separators (non-automated) conform to ATEX 20/21/22 directives and DSEAR regulations, as they possess no moving parts and therefore present no source of ignition.

We also offer on site inspection at your convenience to assess your problems and discuss your magnet requirements. We will advise on installation and maintenance.
Greenwood Magnetics export products worldwide.
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