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As an internationally active company with many years of experience in plastics processing, we strive for the highest quality and a customer-oriented approach in the development and production of our industrial cases and packaging solutions. By using high-quality, sustainable materials and expert processing methods, we ensure that our products are guaranteed to be durable - and that your products are stowed in a functional, clearly sorted, tidy, effective and secure manner. We also ensure that your products are presented stylishly. Innovative and individual designs of both the exterior and interior enable us to satisfy all manner of customer requirements and wishes. The highest quality is our standard - and customer requests are our yardstick.

Gregor Hofbauer GmbH

Our supply range:
Aluminium cases, equipment cases, industrial cases, cases, cases for measurement and testing instruments, cases (waterproof), case inserts in foam material, blow-moulded plastic parts, samples cases, presentation cases, custom cases, transport boxes in aluminium, tool cases, cases in which equipment is installed, cases for sales representatives, cases and bags for medical use, moulded plastic parts, blow-moulded plastic parts (technical), plastic injection moulding plant, plastic injection-moulded parts, plastic injection-moulded parts for small series, plastic parts (technical), reusable transport packaging  , reusable packaging, precision plastic injection-moulded parts, moulded parts (technical), transport packaging for medical equipment, gun cases

Gregor Hofbauer GmbH
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