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At Gregseal Technology, we have specialised in the supply of high quality, highest-performing engine seals . Based on over 35 years experience in the Seals Industry, we have over two decades of experience in seals for global motorsports, high performance road and off-road vehicles.

Our custom engine seals can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific motorsport requirements for  highest crankcase vacuum levels & very high RPM.

Our unrivalled racing seals are cost effective and are designed to achieve maximum racing performance and full seal reliability. We have extensive problem solving skills and provide a professional and reliable service.

Race Engine Seals

Our outstanding race engine seals are designed to run continuously at higher speeds and for a longer reliable life previously achievable by other seal types.

We pride ourselves in developing unique race engine seal technologies to provide:

  • Stronger vacuums
  • More POWER & TORQUE output
  • Less shaft wear
  • Low drag
  • Ultra narrow design
  • Space and weight savings
Race Engine Seals

PLS Seals

Our premium performance PLS seals have been developed using basic low friction seal technology together with product design concepts to meet your motorsport requirements.

The benefits of our PLS seals include:

  • Lowest drag seal technology
  • A composite oil seal of a conventional style
  • Race-proven and reliable
  • Suited to higher speed applications (crankshaft seals)
  • Run much cooler than most other seal types
  • Less degradation of the lubricant film
  • Less wear of the shaft
  • Technology can be extended to be used in most rotary and reciprocating seal applications
PLS Seals

HD2 Seals

Our specialist HD2 seals include a highly efficient Bi-Directional Hydrodynamic feature. The benefits of our innovative HD2 seals include:

  • Probably the best Bi-Directional Hydrodynamic oil seal available.
  • Upto 25 percent dynamic friction reduction and cooler running
  • HD2 Seal well suited to engine and transmission applications
  • Well suited to plunging shaft dynamics found on drive shaft applications
HD2 Seals

Off-Road and Desert Racing Hub Seals

Our off-road and desert racing hub seals is a new solution for desert racing trucks for continuous high speed, with high ambient temperatures and with extremely dirty environment, abrasive sand, grit, mud and water.

These are usually larger diameter seals typically about 160 mm shaft and in standard design and materials these seals generate a lot of frictional heat.

Our new PTFE lined off-road and desert racing hub seals addresses the frictional problem by reducing the rubbing friction by >80% on the main lip, while also reducing friction on the dirt excluder lip through design improvements.

The seal is further protected by an additional axially extending lip which deflects the dirt and debris away from the seal annulus.

Off-Road and Desert Racing Hub Seals
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