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Founded in 1877 by four brothers from the Greif family in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Greif now has approximately 9,800 employees in our 160 operating locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and South America.

Drums are the backbone of Greif UK's Industrial Packaging & Services activities. Greif UK produce a comprehensive range of steel drums, steel pails, plastic drums, plastic water bottles and specialty drums.

The UK centre of excellence offers a range of technical and packaging advice services to ensure your choice of container fits your requirements throughout the supply chain.

Large Steel Drums

The wide range of steel drums complies with the highest packaging requirements imposed by the petro-chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Standard capacity is 210L for Open-Head and 216.5L for Tight-Head and can be fully decorated for product identification and corporate logos. The packaging is produced with the latest production technology and tested in accordance with UN recommendation to guarantee optimum protection for a broad range of dangerous and non-dangerous goods.

Small Steel Drums and Pails

Greif UK's 5 - 60L steel drums represent the most comprehensive available, designed to meet UN packaging regulations for both hazardous liquids and solids. Offered in various options such as Tight-Head, Open-Head, Straight-Sided and Open-Head nested styles. Primary products packed in these containers include paints, resins, inks, adhesives, pastes and powders.

Plastic Drums

  • Valerex® Drums are the first choice of major companies in the detergent, lubricant, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.
Valerex® 200 - 225L Tight-Head plastic drums are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies to meet the most stringent demands of chemical compatibility with hazardous and non-hazardous products, whilst ensuring reliability and safety.

Valerex® Open-Head plastic drums feature a unique combination of a large diameter opening and a parallel body allowing easy filling and emptying, particularly with products that solidify or "cake" after filling. This also provides maximum access to the interior, assisting the cleaning process. By varying the height of the continuously extruded body, drum capacity can be more closely matched in specific applications.

Valerex® 20L and 25L plastic drums promote your company and protect your products. With high definition printing and impact resistant HDPE the Valerex® range of drums will deliver your message as well as your products without compromise. Through its accurate injection moulding process, demonstrated by the drums consistent neck quality and positive sealing properties, Valerex® drums are also ideal for all automated filling lines.

  • Blow-moulded Drums - For excellent handling in any situation, Greif UK's manufactures blow-moulded 15 - 70L containers. Trademarks for Greif UK's blow moulded containers are Quadratainer® and EuroNew® and meet the diverse requirements set by the lubricants, edible oil, agrochemical, chemical and dairy hygiene markets.

Specialty Drums

Manufactured at the Burton on Trent UK facility Greif are able to offer a wide range of Specialty drums including Stainless Steel, Mixer drums, Galvatite and internally coated Tinned drums. All items can be tailor made to suit specific applications, order sizes can vary from small bespoke batches to large mass produced quantities.

Polycarbonate Water Bottles

Greif UK supply water bottles from 10L up to 23L in a wide variety of shapes: round, round/square, hexagonal and rectangular with or without handles. To guarantee the highest quality, automated testing equipment ensures each and every bottle performs to the specified requirements.

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