Gremtek (Part of Gremco UK)


Gremtekis a leading supplier of Protective Sleeves for Hoses, Pipes and Cables / Cable Harnesses. Our core business includes:

  • Expandable Braided Sleeves
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Heat Reflective Sleeves

Most grades are available from stock.

Our sleeves are manufactured to the highest of standards and will meet the most demanding of specifications. They are designed to meet your mechanical, thermal and abrasion protection requirements.

Gremtek is a solutions driven business. Our extensive supply capability is supported by an Engineering Department, Test and Laboratory facilities that are amongst the best in the industry.

Expandable braids

GREMTEK’s Gremflex® range offers an extensive portfolio of expandable braided sleeves manufactured from synthetic monofilaments specially designed to offer mechanical, thermal and acoustic insulation. Usually manufactured from PET or PA our products vary in expansion rate and offer differing levels of abrasion resistance to suite your particular requirements. These products are used on hoses, pipes, wiring harnesses and cables in numerous market sectors including Automotive, Aerospace, Military and Industrial.

Expandable braids

Heat Shrink Tubing

Gremtek’s Gremtube® range offers a wide selection of quality heat shrink products. Encompassing standard thin, medium and thick wall polyolefin products supplied with and without adhesive. Also supplied are high performance Kynar, Viton, Diesel Resistant and PTFE grades. Heat shrinkable end caps and breakouts are also available. Gremtek started manufacturing Heat shrink tubing over 20 years ago and is now undoubtedly one of the leading suppliers in Europe. 

Heat Shrink Tubing

Thermal protection

Gremtek’s Gremshield® range offers an impressive selection of fibreglass braided sleeves covered with a high quality aluminium foil to provide outstanding protection from radiant and convective heat. These products can be supplied in a fully tubular form or in a “wrap” to allow for retro fitting onto cables or hoses. These products are supplied in a range diameters and lengths to match your needs. Acrylic and Silicone fibreglass sleeves are also available. More recently GREMTEK has added Heat Shields to its range. These can be designed to protect a component other than a hose or cable such as a connector or a sensor. GREMTEK also supply heat shields with an adhesive reverse side that can be applied directly onto components in order to offer additional thermal protection

Thermal protection
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