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All of our melt pressure transducers offer 100% form, fit, and function with those products manufactured by Dynisco, Gefran (ISI), Gentran, GP50 and others. ONEhalf20 transducers are 100% field compatible with all melt pressure transducers utilizing the Bendix 6 pin connector. There is never a need to rewire when installing a ONEhalf20 melt pressure transducer. In addition all ONEhalf20 transducers come complete with a 25’ interconnecting cable assembly at no additional charge. All other manufacturers charge extra for this often required item.

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Cartridge Heaters

With applications in...

  • Injection Moulding/Extrusion machines
  • Rubber Moulding/Plastic Process machinery
  • Food Process machiery
  • Packaging machinery
  • and many more...

Please contact us for current prices.

Industrial Ceramic Heaters

We have been established since 1971 and we specialise in industrial ceramic heaters and the technological requirements of the plastics and food production industries. We are experienced in the service, repair and calibration of most makes of electronic, electrical and mechanical instruments.

We are experts in industrial ceramic heaters and can supply a variety of products including heater bands, nozzles, cartridge heaters, tubular rod immersion heaters, ceramic knuckle heater bands, and square section heaters.

Temperature Controllers

We are able to supply temperature controllers for a range of applications, prices and sizes. Please visit our website for the full specification details on each temperature controller. 

Our range of temperature controllers include the ST818G, ST818F, ST818E, and the ST818A temperature controllers.


We supply thermocouples for a range of applications, sizes and prices. Our thermocouples include bayonet thermocouples, armoured bayonet thermocouples, armoured straight thermocouples, braided straight thermocouples, eyelet thermocouples, and leaf thermocouples.

We also supply male bayonet adaptors, plugs and sockets.

Digital Thermometer

We supply our DM6801A digital thermometer that is competitively priced and has a range of probes available including fast response probes, surface probes, heavy duty probes, and penetration probes.

Our digital thermometer has a 1999 maximum count and a 0.1°c resolution as well as a K type thermocouple. If you would like more detailed specification on our digital thermometer, please visit our website.

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