Grp Flat Roof Systems Ltd

The System GRP Flat Roofing
Using high quality polyester resins, the GRP flat roof is constructed in-situ on new timber decking or other approved suitable substrates. It incorporates specially designed and manufactured edge trims and is finished with a high performance coloured polyester topcoat.

Flexible, very strong and covering the complete roof, this monolithic construction means that the roof has NO JOINTS OR SEAMS. It is acknowledged that most water ingress problems are with systems using joints and seams.

Once installed, our GRP Roof Systems will give trouble-free weatherproof service for over twenty years - compared to an average life expectancy of bitumen based materials. The cost benefits of such a long life system, together with the associated potential increase in property resale values, is obvious.

GRP Flat Roofing
GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) was first discovered in the late 1940's. It was quickly adopted during the 50's and 60's for a wide number of applications where its corrosion proof properties allied to its high strength and excellent appearance soon proved to be invaluable. Today it has become the standard material for the construction of small craft, water tanks, chemical processing vessels, building cladding panels and roof lights. Now, using resins modified for flat roofing, GRP is solving the problems that have beset traditional bitumen based flat roofing materials for many
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