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GS UK are a small engineering company situated in Sowerby Bridge. Our family run business is based in the design and manufacture of beer raising solutions.

We also can sub-contract machinery,  which consists of CNC lathes, CNC machining and various toolroom equipment. These are all ready for the production of high quality precision engineered componenents.

Our core product is equipment for beer and cellar, cask ale extraction. They are designed , CNC machined and produced in house at GS UK Engineering.

We use the latest CNC machinery which is assembled and ready to go from our online shop.

Traditional Real Ale Dispensing Systems

Traditional 'Real Ale' Dispensing System

Normally beer is traditionally served from a cask, raised slightly on a stillage. A barrel tap is put into the bung and the ale is conditioned with a soft peg in the shive.

When the ale is conditioned the soft peg is replaced by a hard peg and this can be taken out and replaced at the beginning and end of each use.

The advantages of our Traditional Real Ale Dispensing System are:

  • Less Space - the casks are kept vertical so you can store more beer or ale in the cellar compared to when on a stillage.
  • Siphon - the siphon can chase settled beer as the barrels contents reduce thus lessening the time required to wait for the beer to settle. Ale settles from the top down so by making the adjustments to the entrance of the siphon you can provide clear beer from the top of the barrel even when it is cloudy below.

We make our products to a very high standard. The components are CNC'd from a single block of material. Our method and design has been proven for unbeatable performance over the long term. 

Traditional Real Ale Dispensing Systems

Sub Contract CNC Machining

GS UK Engineering Services offer a sub contract CNC machining service. We can cover your requirements from prototyping to production. GS can work with stainless steel, brass, aluminium and plastics to name a few.   If you would like a friendly, free quote the please contact us by phone (01422 832220), fax (01422 400200) or email   Alternatively visit the website to find out more.
Sub Contract CNC Machining
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