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GSM Graphic Arts - The Label, Nameplate and Fascia Specialist.

GSM Graphic Arts has 40 years experience of manufacturing high quality labelling, nameplate and branding products.

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities, innovative and market leading technology enables us to work with a wide range of metals and plastics. We can provide you with any labelling solution, including metal labels, custom decals, security labels, asset labels, aluminium nameplates, graphic overlays, fascia graphics, anodised aluminium labels, engraved metal labels, vinyl labels, digital printed labels and also electrical control panels, membrane overlays, rating labels and machine labels.

Whatever the application or environment, our friendly and knowledgeable Technical Team can advise you on the most suitable processes and finishes to manufacture your bespoke metal  labels, product labels, domed badges, stickers, barcodes, asset tags, roll labels, plastic labels, or any other label solution you require.

We can supply your metal labels, resin dome labels, graphic overlays, anodised aluminium nameplates, roll labels, barcode labels, etched labels, plastic labels, industrial labels, front panels and fascia panels, acrylic measuring equipment, electrical control panels, membrane overlays and security labels.

GSM Graphic Arts can also manufacture your rating plates, data plates and serial number plates and acrylic products including scales, protractors and gauges.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your labelling requirements please contact us on 01845 522184.

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