GT Certification Ltd

G.T. Certification Ltd. is a comprehensive Measurement Services Company specialising in Torque and Force Calibration Services as well as Concrete Testing Services, and holds current UKAS Accreditation in both fields.

The Calibration Laboratory calibrates a wide range of Torque Measuring Equipment including: Transducers; Gauges; Wrenches; Drivers, Analysers and Meters (Closure Meters). In Force Measurement Services we calibrate Force Gauges; Push-Pull Gauges; Spring Balances; Load Cells (Electrical and Hydraulic); Dynamometers and Strain Gauges.

In the field of Concrete Testing, G.T. Certification technicians carry out nationwide fresh concrete on-site sampling and our in-house laboratory tests those samples for Compressive Strength and Density. Ancillary Concrete Testing Services include: Abrasion and Adhesion Testing; Slip and Skid Resistance Testing, and Coring Services.
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