GTI Computers (Portsmouth) Ltd


We sell hardware and software for business use. Computers and Laptops, hand held PDA's, printers and scanners, media and consumables, as well as servers, switches, routers and wireless networking products. In fact if you require something for or related to your company's IT, we most probably sell it.

We service failed equipment in our workshop and on-site. Upgrades, repairs, system builds and configuration are among the services offered to keep your business running.

Need a quick answer to an irritating problem that is preventing you from getting on with your job? Call us for instant help and support. Desktop to server, backup and security issues as well as those day to day operational problems. A support contract for your company can help reduce the cost of running your IT solution. Call for details.

Maintenance of your IT solution and infrastructure is one of those things that tends to get overlooked until things go wrong! Only so much can be achieved by shouting at your supplier only to find the warranty has expired! Pre-empt costly down time with 24-7 monitoring and remote access to proactively protect your systems.

Take advantage of years of experience gained solving problems in the business community. A network of advisors and specialists in the field of business computing and design are on hand to assess the issues facing you and our company, and to find a safe, cost effective solution allowing your business to progress and grow.

For information about our services contact our Consultants on 0845 543 8077 or visit

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