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Our Company

GTK is a world-class provider of high quality electronics solutions, including standard and custom cable assemblies, connectors and optoelectronics.  We also offer a full manufacturing solutions service, including PCB enclosures, full PCB assembly and packaging options. Founded in 1990, GTK has over 25 years’ experience in sourcing, designing and supplying customers with a wide range of high performance products.

Headquartered in Basingstoke, Hampshire, with offices and manufacturing affiliates worldwide, GTK has the infrastructure and resources in place to ensure highly tailored production engineering processes and manufacturing quality control. Each location adds its own value to our customers and greatly enhances our capabilities as a company.

Our Values

At GTK, we strongly believe in the value of high quality. This translates into the quality of our products, the quality of the support and advice we give our customers and how we take our commitments very seriously. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited, and our UK facility is AS9100C certified and UL approved.

As a privately owned business, we also believe in continually investing to improve our capabilities and efficiency. This includes recently doubling our UK manufacturing floor space and enhancing our engineering team.  

Cable Assemblies UK

As a cable assembly manufacturer with over 25 years' manufacturing experience, we are well-established as a reliable supplier of the highest quality cable assemblies. From our headquarters in Basingstoke, Hampshire, we have worked within a wide range of industries, including military, automotive, medical and high end industrial applications. We offer a large variety of cable assemblies to suit your business needs, ranging from simple wire harness assembly and complex pre-formed wire looms, to custom overmoulded solutions and high-end RF cables.

Over 95% of our cable assemblies are customised, incorporating custom lengths, colours and special pin-outs in our designs, through to fully customised connectors, raw cable, overmoulds and cable looms.

Although we pride ourselves on our UK cable harness production capabilities, we also utilise overseas manufacturing in order to provide the highest quality cable assembly solutions in the most cost-effective manner.

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RF Cable Assemblies

Microwave and RF technologies are used across a wide range of applications, from networking to high-end military devices.

We offer a broad selection of products to meet any requirement for custom RF cable assemblies and connectors. Our core range focuses on maximum frequencies ranging from 4 GHz to 40 GHz, however we are can supply products suitable for any frequency up to 110 GHz.



As a leading connector supplier, GTK provides a broad range of high quality and competitively-priced electrical connectors. As well as standard and custom I/O, USB, board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors for PCB interconnect, GTK can also supply a range of high-eng Microwave and RF connectors.

We can also offer customised solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Our technical expertise and access to industry-leading resources means that we can design, tool and manufacture bespoke connectors for unique customer applications.

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Optoelectronic products are used increasingly in both consumer and industrial electronics. At GTK, we supply standard and custom optoelectronics and display solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Our extensive optoelectronics range includes a broad selection of different technologies, including TFT, PMVA and OLED, with many options for customisation. We also offer a dedicated technical support service to help you select the most suitable optoelectronic device to meet your specifications.

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TFT Displays

TFT technology is very versatile as it has a wide operating temperature range and can be used in a variety of applications. Key features include a compact form and a very low depth, as well as excellent screen resolution.

At GTK, we offer an extensive selection of TFT display modules, designed to provide unique solutions for industrial and consumer applications. While some of our TFT displays include capacitive touch overlays, we also have a standard range of letterbox TFTs which are ideal for low-height applications.

All of our TFT displays have low power consumption, fast response times and excellent front screen performance. We also offer optical bonding across all TFTs, to enhance product durability and increase readability in sunlight. If you need custom TFT displays, we can ensure that your specific requirements are met.

Manufacturing Solutions

We specialise in providing turnkey electronics manufacturing solutions to clients in all business and industrial sectors. With an extensive range, including simple sub-assemblies, electronic assemblies or fully assembled products, we can turn your ideas and requirements into highly advanced electronics solutions that are custom-made to your specifications.

Our electronics manufacturing expertise means that we can offer guidance from the early planning stages, through to final manufacture and packaging. Whether you need a single injection moulded part, or a more complex printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), our technical team will work closely with you on design concepts and advise on the technologies that will be most suitable for your products.

Furthermore, with strong global partnerships and technical experts in the UK, we can source competitively priced electronic manufacturing and PCB assembly solutions to fulfil any size production requirements. This highly advanced service means that we are the leading choice for cost-effective, reliable and unique electronics manufacturing solutions.

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Global Manufacturing Support

At GTK we have over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing electronic products and, throughout that time, have continued to invest in people, infrastructure and automation. This, combined with a 100% testing policy, ensures consistency of processes and cost reduction.

With flexible manufacturing build models, and manufacturing facilities here in the UK and in the Far East, we have the capabilities to provide a wide range of products and services to our customers. This includes full customisation options to provide highly specified solutions. 

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