GTX Europe Ltd


With over 29 years in the Technical Imaging industry, GTX Corporation has provided engineering professionals the best Windows® based products in the market to accommodate scanned paper drawings – black and white or color images. GTX will significantly enhance your ability to handle scanned drawings, maps and other raster images and bring them into your modern CAD, EDM or GIS environments.

GTXRaster CAD 2014 Series* for AutroCAD 2014, known as the “AutoCAD for raster” and the windows standalone, GTXImage CAD™ Version 14.0 Series, are unique, cost-effective solutions for bringing legacy drawings into your digital environment.  You can modify and enhance scanned raster archives with the speed and flexibility of both raster and vector editing techniques. Whether your requirement is for raster cleanup, 2D CAD drafting, hybrid raster/vector editing or full automatic raster-to-vector conversion with intelligent text recognition, total flexibility is provided by these product series.

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