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For over 60 years the Guala Group, which Guala Dispensing is part of, has offered consumers across the world, high quality and innovative packaging of their favourite products. 
Whether it’s brushing teeth, eating honey, drinking whisky, quenching thirst after exercise or simply cleaning cars or windows, consumers have probably been using a product benefitting from our packaging.

Trigger sprayers

The MINI TS trigger sprayer was born from GUALA's intensive market research and meticulous attention to high customer needs. 
MINI TS is not only an attractive light trigger, available in a huge range of glossy colours, but thanks to its astonishing pre-compression, two outputs, numerous spray and foam options; it is the perfect ecological solution to replace aerosol cans in household and cosmetic applications.

TS1 Spray system

The TS1 trigger offers a high versatility level thanks to its wide chemical compatibility, numerous range of spray and foam nozzles, and to its unique drip free and perfect atomization. All these peculiarities make TS1 unequalled benchmark in the worldwide market.

TS3 Dexter

The TS3 DEXTER is the natural evolution of the GUALA triggers. The TS3 DEXTER is the end product of extensive technical research focused on maximizing the ergonomical benefit.
GUALA innovation continues in this new all-plastic recyclable design.


Pump dispenser

GUALA PUMP DISPENSER does really meet Personal Care products requirements for a fashionable, exclusive and top quality level package. 
In one word, GUALA PUMP DISPENSER symbolizes the precious package for the luxury content.

-Fully tailor-made pump dispenser, thanks to wide range of colour options. 
50, 75 and 100 ml sizes available. World-wide recognised as industry standard.

-Ideal to dispense a wide range of viscous formulations. Clean, neat and constant dispensing of 2 ml dose by a one-hand action. Surface or deep stripes options.

TS5 Trigger spray

In 2015 Guala Dispensing launched our new ECO CERTIFIED trigger spray. The TS5 has a fully Pre-compressed engine, is made from 100% plastic, weighs less than 20gms and contains recycled plastics, making it an ‘eco friendly’ trigger spray.


The TS5 has 3 spray options from wide, medium and narrow spray, 2 foaming options and is available in full CRC.

TS5 Trigger spray
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