Guangxi Shanyun Biochemical Science and Technology Company Ltd


SYBiochem is a manufacturer of gardenia extracts.We can produce top quality natural food colorant such as garenia yellow(crocin yellow), gardenia blue, can supply high purity pharmaceutical materials such as genipin( 98%+), geniposide(98%),etc.

Our main products below:

1) Geniposide CAS NO.24512-63-8

Purity: ≥98%, HPLC

White powder


material for producing the medicines, which can be used to treat heart brain vascular disease and liver gall disease;

material for making natural colors,such as gardenia blue, gardenia red.


2) Genipin CAS NO.6902-77-8

Purity: ≥98%,HPLC

White powder


be used to treat liver disease, blood pressure, constipation, alleviate symptoms of diabetes II .

an excellent natural biological crosslinking agent with the protein, collagen, gelatin, and chitosan cross-linked production of biological materials, such as artificial bones, wound dressing materials.


3) Natural color-Gardenia Yellow-Crocin &crocetin (carotenoid)

Without any organic solvent residues;

Yellow powder


Obtained by extracting fruit of gardenia

Use: coloring for food, drugs, health care products. etc.


4) Natural color-Gardenia Blue

Obtained by treating the extract of gardenia fruit and the protein with food enzymes

Blue powder


Use: coloring for food, drugs, health care products, etc.

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