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We also specialise in the manufacture and refurbishment of any type of machine tool steel guards, and pride ourselves in being able to provide premium products and services at competitive rates, all the while maintaining a quick turnaround time.

Guard-Tech can provide you with telescopic guards for any make and model of Machine Tool you use, along with all the experience of manufacturing DMG, Okuma, Makino, Mazak, Dahli and more.
We offer an emergency breakdown service, where our highly-skilled engineers can attend site and perform repair works until a suitable time slot can be allocated, whereby full repair can take place.

Fabric Bellows

Seamless, flexible covers in a wide variety of materials to provide excellent protection and a long-term working life.

Covers can be custom made to any shape with a range of end fittings. Bellows can include threaded inserts, holes to customer drawings and strong hold Velcro strips for ease of removal and inspection.

Internal Supports in PVC - choice of 3 thicknesses.

Thermic welded bellows can be made in various materials, suitable for all applications. Designed to meet every machine environment - EDM, Lasers, Lathes, Millers, Grinders, CMM ...

Fabric Bellows can be made with Steel Flanges for extra protection in harsh environments, or simply to enhance your machine's appearance.

Fabric Bellows

PUWER Machinery Safety Guarding

At Guard-Tech, we strive to engineer, develop and manufacture guarding systems to protect your workforce from accidents, dust, fumes and noise while enhancing your equipment and appearance.

Machine guarding is one of our specialities. We have successfully designed, manufactured and installed guarding that is being used in many of today's Blue-Chip companies. At Guard-Tech we offer a bespoke design service that is worked closely with our customer to achieve total satisfaction on the end product.

Prior to manufacture on any of our guarding products, a full set of CAD drawings are supplied for customer approval and satisfaction.

Guard-Tech can manufacture to your specification, or engineer a solution for you.

PUWER Machinery Safety Guarding

Roller Blinds

Designed to be fitted to any lathe and most Machine Tools, the Guard-Tech lathe kit, provides "Man Safety" on your workshop equipment.

Manufactured with steel casing, the guard uses heavy-weight neoprene nylon as its sheet medium, sprung to give a full closure against the lathe bed, therefore enclosing the lead-screw and providing full protection for the operator.

Guard-Tech Roller Blinds are available in many sizes to cover most lathes currently in use in the United Kingdom.

The Guard-Tech Roller Blind is available as a Self Fit Kit, or can be fitted on site by our trained staff.

Roller Blinds

Sheet Metal Work

When you think of quality, value and service in the CNC metal fabrication industry, the name Guard-Tech should come to mind.

Guard-Tech offers a diverse range of custom and production CNC metal fabrications. We have gained vast experience with Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium, from metal forming, bending, punching prototypes, production welding and finishing services that allow for a 'Single Source Solution'.

We pride ourselves on providing you with high value-to-cost metal parts ON TIME. We recognise that every customer has unique requirements, but whatever the requirements, our customers agree - they want quality and service.

More information on Sheet Metal Work

Sheet Metal Work

Swarf Conveyors

Guard-Tech's Swarf Conveyor service is focused on providing a first class product and services at a keenly competitive price with a fast turnaround.

In our workshops, we provide a comprehensive refurbishment service to bring badly worn and/or damaged conveyors back to an 'as new' condition.

The quality of our work and our reputation speak for themselves with over 2,000 conveyors refurbished in the past 10 years.

To complement our refurbished activities we also manufacture new conveyors - from CAD design to manufacture and installation (if required), to new or existing designs.

Many of our customers are 'Blue Chip' engineering companies operating within the Aerospace, Offshore Oil, Defence and Automotive industries where quality, timescale and price must all be satisfied on every occasion to maintain their business.

We also offer an emergency breakdown service, whereby a Guard-Tech engineer will attend site to carry out repair/remedial work in order to return a conveyor to use until a subsequent production window is available. We will then ensure that the appropriate refurbishment or replacement is undertaken.

We cover all make/type of machine tool irrespective of the original conveyor manufacture and have considerable experience on slat, belt and magnetic types.

Swarf Conveyors

Telescopic Guards

Guard -Tech's telescopic guard service is focused on providing first class products and services at keenly competitive price with a fast turnaround time.

We provide a comprehensive refurbishment service undertaken in our own workshops to bring badly worn and/or damaged guards back to "as new" condition.

The quality of our work and our reputation speak for themselves with over 4000 telescopic guards refurbished in the past 10 years.

To complement our refurbishing activities we also manufacture new replacement telescopic guarding - from CAD design to manufacture & fitting (if required) to meet all machine tool guarding applications.

More information on Telescopic Guards

Telescopic Guards

BedWay Covers

At Guard-Tech Industrial Services, we have a wide selection of BedWay Covers, both in stock and made to measure for all your requirements. We offer high-quality products and services, along with an extensive refurbishment utility.

To find out more about our extensive product and service range, please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information.

BedWay Covers

Machine protective covers/roller blinds

At Guard-Tech Industrial Services Ltd, we specialise in the providing and fitting of every type of Machine Protective Covers – including Roller Blind, Bellows and Aluminium Apron covers.

Bellow guards can be created in an array of different shapes and sizes, with or without steel protective strips and can be used to protect any equipment with high-wear characteristics. They are cost effective, simple to fit and give you little hassle in the maintenance department.

Alternatively, you could choose from our vast selection of Roller Blinds and Aluminium Apron covers, which are significantly more hard wearing than Bellow guards.

Machine protective covers/roller blinds

Lead Screw Roller Blinds

Any leadscrew being continuously exposed to machinery operation is widely renowned to be dangerous, and could potentially cause long term problems and issues for your business. The solution? Guard-Tech’s hard-wearing leadscrew roller blinds, which help to guard your working machines from shaft movement.
To view our fitting guide for this product, please visit our website.

Lead Screw Roller Blinds

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