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Certas Energy markets fuel under the Gulf brand in Britain. The Gulf brand has a proud, international reputation that is once again thriving in the UK.  As part of Certas Energy, this iconic and world-renowned brand, famed for the instantly recognisable orange disc, is synonymous with high quality products, innovation and technical excellence.

Complementing the premium Gulf image, Certas Energy ensures its products and suite of services are of an equally high standard. Presenting businesses with the very best opportunities for their long-term future, the Certas Energy family consists of dedicated professionals committed to forming strong, meaningful and long-lasting relationships.


Through the Gulf Aviation brand, Certas Energy delivers a wide range of fuels and lubricants to a variety of aviation customers throughout the UK.

Gulf’s association with aviation dates back to an era when biplanes ruled the skies. 80 years on, Gulf continues to play an integral role in the market, serving general aviation operators and regional airports throughout the UK via Certas Energy’s national distribution network.


Thanks to our comprehensive network of supply points and dedicated haulier fleet we can offer competitive prices to our customers and provide consistent levels of service and support. From flying schools to regional airports, private pilots to commercial operators, Gulf Aviation has a service that can deliver.

Our range of fuel products include:

  • Jet A-1 (F35)
  • Jet A-1 with FSII de-icing additive (F34)
  • Aviation Gasoline (Avgas 100LL)
  • Specialised products, such as AVCAT and AVTAG
  • A variety of ground fuels suitable for your vehicles and on-site transportation


An authorised distributor of specialist Shell lubricants, our extensive range of aircraft and ground vehicle lubricants includes the latest generation of synthetic oils and specialist turbine and piston engine products.

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Certas Energy is trusted to supply more independent petrol filling stations in the UK than any other fuel provider.

Delivering world-class fuels and lubricants to around 1,300 independent retailers, we are the only company with a truly nationwide infrastructure that can efficiently cater for the largest dealer groups and smaller sites alike.

Our retail business is 100% dependent upon the success of our dealers, which is why we strive to deliver the highest quality of service in everything we do. Our goal is to be the first choice fuel supplier to dealers across the UK and a company renowned for delivering the best support packages in the industry; maximising independent forecourt profits and success, and dedicated to the continual growth of the UK fuel retail market.


To do this, Certas Energy works hard to stand out within the fuel supply industry in terms of quality, efficiency and Two strong forecourt brands: whether iconic Gulf or eye catching Pace, we have an image to suit every type of site, from the local convenience site to a busy motorway service station.

  • Experienced retail team: available to assist you whenever issues arise, we have the largest field based, dealer team in the UK, and dedicated offices in Leeds and Egham. We believe in local expertise so we don’t use overseas call centres.
  • Unparalleled customer service: our people form meaningful and long-lasting relationships with each customer, to provide expert advice and superior personal assistance.
  • Nationwide supply: the Certas Energy supply network is sourced from all the major UK refiners, ensuring continual availability at the most competitive prices.
  • Dependable delivery: Where possible, we’ll despatch all orders within 48 hours via our company owned fleet of tankers. In the event of an emergency, we can also arrange priority deliveries.
  • High quality fuels: a range of technologically advanced pump fuels, including high-octane premium unleaded petrol, diesel, gas oil and LPG.
  • Premium lubricants: we support your sales with a comprehensive range of commercial automotive lubricants by leading manufacturers, including Castrol, Gulf, Shell and Mobil.
  • Total contract flexibility: we talk to each customer to determine their individual needs in terms of load sizes, credit terms and financial arrangements.
  • In-store consultancy: our independent consultancy service and partner alliances aims to boost shop sales and maximise retail margins from minimal outlay.
  • Fuel card services: we provide dealers with the widest independent range of fuel cards, driving new business with no outlay and minimal admin. We also operate the industry’s leading polling and credit card package.
  • RMI/PRA Membership: We demonstrate our commitment to the independent cause by supporting the RMI/PRA in their efforts to campaign for the sector and offer membership and access to their services as part of the Gulf brand package.

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At Certas Energy, we know that lubricants can be just as important to the smooth running of your business as fuel.

Our hard-earned reputation for friendly, reliable and expert fuel distribution is therefore mirrored in our world-class lubricant services.

We combine the finest products with an expert sales team, a state-of-the-art delivery process and second-to-none customer service for your total peace of mind.

Premium products and services

Our comprehensive product range, including industry-leading Shell, Castrol and Gulf brands, meets the requirements of every major sector, including:

  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Haulage
  • Marine
  • Aviation

Whatever your business, whatever the demands on your equipment, we can deliver products to increase its performance and durability.



Expert advice

The efficiency, reliability and longevity of your machinery depend heavily on choosing the right lubricants.
Our comprehensive product range includes:

  • Engine Oils
  • Gear & Transmission Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Cutting & Soluble Oils
  • Greases
  • AdBlue
  • Antifreeze
  • Packed Fuel

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