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Gurukirpa Marketing Consultants Limited (G.M.C..L) is a professional marketing consulting company. Based in London, it provides a high quality marketing services to small or medium scale companies in the UK. We cater for marketing strategy, marketing survey and the assessment of market prospect. 

As a marketing consultant in Gurukirpa Marketing Consultant, Monika Sharma possesses a professional background in marketing. She will make her best afford to achieve the clients' goals in international expansion planning. Also, she will do her best to help the clients to create a great value in a new market with the valuable marketing assessment.

Gurukirpa marketing consultant ltd works with companies to create and implement marketing strategies. These strategies are centered on the core of the business.

Development of an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy, using advertising & PR, exhibitions and seminars, printed material, Direct Mail and Web 2.0 technologies to achieve your communications objectives.

Digital Marketing Consultancy - to ensure full optimization of your website and to advise on the best use of digital marketing for your business.

Developing a Brand Communications plan to enhance your company identity and the effectiveness of your branding. 

Through our Outsourced Marketing Management service, you can continue to use our expertise as you require to work alongside your marketing department

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Name : Monika Sharma

Company name: Gurukirpa marketing consultants limited

Company Registration no 9089939

Position - Director/ Marketing consultant

Address: 5 Newcombe Rd , Luton LU1 1LH UK

Mobile : 07574223823

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