Gustav Christians GmbH + Co KG


Sharpening – as good as new

The long service life of our cutting tools is the reason why our customers often commision us to make high-quality broaches. But even a good tool, made from the best material with the perfect structure and first-class hardening, is subject to wear. With our sharpening service, which we perform with the same care as we use for the production of new broaches, we restore the precision of your high-quality broaching tools.

Contract broaching – your back-up plant

It can happen quickly. Your high quality standards pay off and you receive orders that you cannot meet within the specified time. You simply do not have the capacity. Or your broaching volume is so small that it is not worth you investing in your own broaching plant. So your customer is forced to change supplier! Disappointed? Then why not manufacture in a back-up plant? Our employees will do everything to fulfil your orders as if they were our own.

Jig construction – we do that as a matter of course.

Delivery deadline – usually not a problem for us. We can’t perform miracles, but come close to it. And once we have impressed you with our unbelievable speed and flexibility, you will believe we can move mountains.

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