GW Wiring Products Ltd


Established in 1980, our mission is to manufacture and distribute high quality cable ties at competitive prices. We offer a wide range of cable ties in all sizes and colours.

Stainless Steel Ties

We offer a range of stainless steel cable ties:

* Standard Stainless Steel Cable Ties

* Anti Slip Stainless Steel Cable Ties

* Ladder Stainless Steel Cable Ties

* Releasable Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Specialised Cable Ties

We also offer a range of specialised cable ties such as:

Push mount ties

* Mountable head ties

* Lashing ties

* Releasable Cable Ties

* Security Ties

* Ball Ties

* Relievable (Automotive) Ties

* Tape Ties

* Stainless Steel Cable Ties

* External cable ties

Complementing our existing lines is a bespoke manufacturing service that can meet any specific requirements for any application.

Releasable Ties

A range of releasable ties are available -

* Releasable Cable Ties

* Relievable Cable Ties

* Releasable Ball Ties


We have a range of products for identification purpose -

* Marker Ties

* Marker Pads

* Printed Cable Ties

* Large Security Ties

Security Ties

Security Ties are gaining their popularity in our range. They provide an anti-tamper fastening for your products -

* Security Ties

* Security Marker Ties

* Security Tab

* Security Fixed Length Tie 

Printed Ties

We offer customised printing services -

* Printed Cable Ties


Our huge range of accessories includes:

* Cable Ties Tools

* Cable Tie Mount

* Saddle Tie Mount 

* Wall Plug

* Push Tie Mount

* Reusable Twist Ties

* Cable Marker

* Low Profile Mount

* Marker Pad

* Cable Clamp

* Circuit Board Support

* Spiral Binding


We have two warehouses in Europe which are well placed to meet delivery requirements anywhere in Europe. All warehouses stock a complete range of products and offer next-day delivery services. 

For further information, please see our website or contact us directly. 


Our philosophy has always revolved around quality and service. We use only Du Pont Polyamide 6/6 to ensure consistency in product quality and full compliance with the RoSH directive. Our products are UL and BSI ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 16494 certified and meet CE, MIL, and DIN specifications.

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