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Protective Cases:

GWP Protective design and manufacture protective foam-lined cases at our 16,000 square feet factory in Salisbury, Wiltshire. The greatest benefit of a single source for cases and inserts is a guaranteed quality of fit between both cases and inserts and inserts and products. All GWP Protective cases are engineered specifically to each of our customers’ products and our range includes:


  • Flight 
  • Aluminium 
  • Storm 
  • Peli 
  • Explorer 
  • Plastic 

Flight Cases

GWP Protective flight cases are manufactured in house in a wide variety of constructions, sizes and colours. All cases are designed specifically to our customers’ requirements to include a choice of locking catches, handles, castors and hinges. There is no minimum order quantity for cases and our customers can order anything from a single case to many thousands of cases per year. Applications for GWP Protective flight cases include:


  • Communications equipment 
  • Portable security equipment 
  • Weaponry 
  • CBRN detection equipment 
  • Gas detection equipment 
  • Medical equipment 
  • Offshore oil and gas equipment 
  • Electronic equipment 
  • Emergency services 

Storm Cases

GWP Protective is an authorized distributor for Hardigg, manufacturers of the market leading and cost-effective Storm range of protective moulded cases.

Storm cases are extremely tough, durable and waterproof and available in a wide choice of standard sizes and colours. GWP Protective’s unique expertise as a distributor of Storm cases lies in our ability to engineer and fit bespoke foam inserts, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection for our customers’ products as a “one-stop-shop” supplier. We already supply Storm Cases into applications such as weaponry cases, communications equipment cases, military hardware cases, medical equipment cases, security equipment cases and many other high value applications.

Where specified, we can also supply Peli cases and Explorer cases with engineered foam inserts as an alternative to Storm cases.

Plastic Cases

GWP Protective are also able to supply many style of plastic moulded cases with engineered foam inserts. We work with many manufacturers of lightweight components to produce gas detection equipment cases, water and chemical testing kit cases and metrology component cases.

Aluminium Cases

GWP Protective have recently been appointed distributors for the Zarges range of Aluminium Cases. Zarges are manufacturers of high quality aluminium transportation and storage cases in a wide range of stock sizes.

The K470 Universal Container series are designed in accordance with the ATA300 (category 1) standard for air cargo, while the Eurobox range shares the benefits of stackability, strength and German engineering excellence with outstanding value for money.

All Zarges cases offer a hygienic, water-resistant and recyclable solution for medical, defence, offshore and many other applications.

Combined with GWP Protective’s excellence in foam engineering we can now supply high quality, foam lined bespoke aluminium cases for any application.

We can also supply the Zarges Mitraset 19” housing range; please call for details.

Foam Inserts:

GWP Protective’s foam conversion facility employs the latest technology in CNC-controlled routing and waterjet cutting, enabling highly complex profiles to be cut from a wide variety of foam materials.

This investment in primary conversion equipment is backed up by a wide variety of secondary conversion facilities including lamination and hand assembly.

Our design department is fully equipped with the latest CAD software and digitising hardware, ensuring a highly accurate, engineered fit between foam and product.

Applications for our foam conversion facility include:

  • Foam inserts
  • Foam lined cases
  • Foam packaging
  • Foam end caps
  • Conductive foam
  • Anti static foam
  • CNC machined foam
  • Inserts for cases
  • Tote bin inserts

Technical Packaging Solutions
GWP Protective also provide technical packaging solutions for the shipment of high value, high fragility components.

Over the last 15 years we have been involved in engineering cases for many projects,in diverse fields such as satellite test equipment cases, cryostat cases and radio telescope component cases as well as aerospace and defence equipment including missile cases, pyrotechnics cases and communications equipment cases.

Diverse as these may be, in all cases we have been briefed to develop bespoke protective cases incorporating cushioning systems engineered to work within specified G-levels, environmental protection and re-usable containers.

Our technical team start with a full briefing meeting with each customer on the product and its shipping requirements. Then, a clean sheet approach is taken to develop packaging which meets all specified criteria both technical and commercial angles.

GWP Protective relish new challenges and will be delighted to provide your technical packaging solutions.

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