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H & H Products Limited has been established for over 25 years. Within that period the Company has grown from a small Tool Room to the modern facility it is today.

We provide the complete Engineering Project Management, Sub-Contract Machining, Welding, Fabrication and Metal Pressings service to industry.

Our comprehensive package can work on Design, Development, Testing and Manufacture. Delivering the complete project from concept to reality. We will deliver to your production line for assembly or pack and deliver direct to your customer.

If you need a one off fabricated bracket, large batches of complex machined and welded assemblies or a  fully managed project we have the desire, the people and the tools to deliver a fast economical response to your needs.

Our prestige customer base, vast project management experience and total quality culture are your assurance of a job well done.

Our production facility offers:

  • Presswork
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Tube Manipulation
  • CNC Machining
  • Assembly Operations
  • Prototype Design & Manufacture
  • Power Trowel Blade Development & Manufacture

Our tooling department has a wide range of experience, utilising the latest in CAD/CAM design software and servicing various industry sectors.

We manufacture many different types of tooling from single operation tools for lower volume production runs, to complex progression tools, involving multiple stages and development work, our 3D CAD software enables us to construct strip layouts which greatly increase the speed at which we can produce tools.

We have also had experience with transfer tooling, where we designed and produced our own walking beam transfer system to enable us to meet customer's requirements


H & H Products has experience with a vast range of components. This includes large, heavy brackets, to small, fine electrical components.

High volume and high tolerance work is also common place, such as the sprinkler system components we manufacture.

Presswork Midlands

Presswork Birmingham

Custom Fabrication

Our fabrication section can produce a variety of products using various equipment and techniques. Welding, folding and forming being the most common place.

We also work closely with coating specialists where coatings such as powder coating or zinc plating are required.

Fabrication West Midlands

Custom Fabricators Birmingham

Custom Fabrication

Tube Manipulation

A proportion of our production is Tube Manipulation.

This includes bending to a high tolerance, piercing and squashing to create flanges. Depending on the product we can utilise our standard tube bending equipment or specialists tooling can be produced.

Tube Manipulation West Midlands

Tube Manipulation

CNC Machining

We utilize our CNC machinery both for toolmaking and production machining. The ease of set-up on the machinery allows high volume work to be as easy to manufacture as 1 offs.

We also work closely with coating specialists where coatings such as powder coating or zinc plating are required.

CNC Machining Birmingham

CNC Machining Midlands

CNC Machining
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