H and R ChemPharm (UK) Ltd



H&R ChemPharm UK’s operations are based at their Tipton, West Midlands site. The flexible, efficient manufacturing units are supported by experienced laboratory and technical service departments with fully accredited ISO9001 quality systems.

Main Business Units

Cable Compounds -  Insulating and water blocking compounds for telecom and power applications

Industrial - Petroleum based products for all industrial sectors

Refinery - Two major refineries in Germany supplying high quality oils, waxes and extracts

Wax Emulsions - Specialist emulsions for Chipboard, MDF and Plasterboard

Toll Blending - Utilising flexible specialist mixing equipment to provide unique blending proposals

Utilising the strengths of our parent company’s two refineries in Germany, H&R ChemPharm UK distribute a wide range of products either direct from the refineries or from bulk storage facilities located around the UK.

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