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If you would like a reliable and long lasting service for your lift, regular maintenance is imperative. Our Midlands lift maintenance service offers is unrivalled and can not be beaten for quality and reliability.

To further ensure the reliability of your lift(s), preventative maintenance can guarantee everything possible is considered regarding future issues of damage and malfunction.

Our Midlands lift maintenance is carried out by a team of expert engineers who can supply regular maintenance. For emergency issues or quick diagnosis solutions, we also provide an emergency call-out service. Our complete range of solutions includes three service agreement packages to suit your particular requirement.

Lift Modernisation/Repairs

Our promise of professional service extends to our offer of a free, no obligation, written quote for any lift modernisation/repairs job.

This guarantee ensures that you can see what work will be carried out before any service is carried out. We are open all day, every day and can respond promptly to any emergency you may have. As well as lift modernisation/repairs, we also have a new range of lift packages.

Lift Modernisation/Repairs

Traction Lifts

For exclusive and wide ranging options for new lift packages we offer unbeatable service, complete with many options suitable for a diverse range of applications such as traction lifts and lifts for the home.

Our UK lifts service is second to none and our operation throughout the East Midlands and surrounding areas is extensive. As well as lift repairs and lift maintenance, our lift installation service caters to all requirements, as well as traction lifts.

It also includes:

  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Platform lifts
  • Stair lifts
  • Goods/passenger lifts
Traction Lifts

Hydraulic Lift

Our hydraulic lift options utilise the latest design knowledge and lift technology. Our installations comply with DDA EN81 regulations and our hydraulic lift service and package also guarantees:

  • All machinery is completely contained within lift shaft
  • More cost effective than a traction lift
  • Reduced headroom and pit options
  • Wide range of finishes available
Hydraulic Lift

Platform Lifts

We offer great options in platform lifts which are especially suitable for overcoming issues disabled people may have when accessing and entering buildings.

Further features and benefits of our platform lifts include:

  • The user is allowed to control the lift without any assistance
  • 200 Kg
  • Manual folding platform
  • Waterproof (waterproof electrics, galvanized structural part and polyester paint)
  • Entrances at 180º or 90º, depending on available space
Platform Lifts

Service Lifts

Our service lifts are top of the range, reliable and high in functionality.

These service lifts can supply the transport of medium goods, loads for the services and industry sectors, and are especially applicable as dumbwaiters for the catering trade.

Our models can facilitate loads ranging from 200 Kg to 500 Kg and are self-supportive structures.

Service Lifts

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