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Here at Habia Cable, we specialise in the manufacture and marketing of custom designed cables, cable assemblies and harness systems for various demanding industrial applications.

We are proud to offer our high level of service, high technical competence and world class solutions to an extensive industrial audience. We presently hold a reputable position as one of Europe’s leading wire and cable manufacturers with sales in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Custom Cable and Wire

For custom cable and wire products, we specialise in the design and manufacture of numerous bespoke solutions that cover composite cables, multicore cables, hybrid cables and cable harness systems, all made to customer specification for new or existing designs.

We can offer countless combinations and possibilities with our custom cable and wire solutions with over 30 different standard insulation and jacket options to enhance our range.

Specialist Cable

All of our cable products are specified and made to order and a wide variety of conductors and insulations can be mixed in combinations that are not commonly found on the shelf.

This ability to arrange components and adjust thicknesses of both insulation and jacket materials exactly as you need them, assures you that with us, you can seek the perfect specialist cable for your requirements.

Standard Cables and Wires

In addition to our specialist cable and wire products, we manufacture a standard range of cables and wires that include equipment wires, twisted wires, signal cables, multicore cables and coaxial cables.

Defence Standard Wires & Cables

We have been a defence cable and wire manufacturer for over four decades, and have achieved the approvals and expertise to produce highly specialist defence cable and wire solutions.

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