Halcyon Solutions

We are an independent company who specialise in the supply of instruments and monitoring equipment to the UK market with particular focus on environmental agencies, PLC water companies and drainage boards.

Included in our exclusive and high quality range are rainfall instruments. The selection of rainfall instruments we supply include tipping buckets and rain gauges.

Data Loggers

As well as supplying a wide variety of systems and monitoring equipment, we also place strong emphasis on continued maintenance and administration. This is an ethos and quality guarantee extended to our range of data loggers.

Our stock of data loggers includes:

  • VF1E single channel
  • VF4 four channel
  • Battery box
  • A wide range of sensor cards
  • Single channel pulse counter
Data Loggers

GPR Products

We are suppliers and installers of an eclectic range of GPR products including kiosks and enclosures. These GPR products are built to particular specifications and requirements and locking systems for these GPR products.

The range includes:

  • Sump for stilling well
  • Transmitter wall mounting tube
  • Wall mounted transducer tube
  • Telemetry kiosk with battery box
GPR Products

Telemetry Outstations

We supply a variety of plug and play module telemetry outstations. These telemetry outstations come with flying leads with Buccanneer connectors. Each individual unit is battery powered and is transported to the location after being charged at base.

The range of products and accessories includes:

  • 7140 Series
  • 7150 Series
  • Battery box assembly
  • Mains charger
Telemetry Outstations

GSM Outstations

Our extensive range of instrumentation and monitoring equipment includes GSM outstations.

These top of the range GSM outstations have eight digital inputs and a built-in or external antenna. The GSM outstation is part of our new products range that includes submersible transmitters suitable for saline or fresh water uses.

GSM Outstations

Halcyon Solutions Overview