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Welcome to the UK's foremost Structural Foam Injection Moulder. Hallam Plastics has almost 40 years experience of providing creative thermoplastic solutions across a wide range of industrial sectors. Hallam Plastics offers multiple processes under one roof "a one stop shop" where we can help select the best process for your product, and reduce your supplier base.

Engineered Structural Foam (ESF) injection moulding is similar to conventional injection moulding, but with a twist; we take any thermoplastic polymer and by introducing a gas into the melt, produce an extremely rigid part with a solid outer skin, and an immensely strong and stable honeycomb core. The finished part can be strong enough to replace metal structures or chassis, reducing weight, assembly time, and cost. The unique features of ESF mean your parts can achieve the strength of metal, but with the advantage that complex curves; bosses and product specific features can be introduced into your structural components with reducing your component inventory and cost. With ESF, we can drastically reduce 'sink' on your 'A' surfaces - even with substantial ribs and bosses on the 'B' surface, and you are free to design your part with dramatic section changes across your component, and choose thick wall sections to suit your product; with ESF you don't have to compromise your design to suit the process in the same way you have to with traditional injection moulding.

We can manufacture very large components for you; up to 16Kg in weight, and in excess of 1 square metre area; and part for part at a much more competitive cost than by using conventional injection moulding.

If you would like to see a moving explanation of the process in action, click here www.bpf.co.uk/data/image/structural-foam.swf



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