Hallmark Electronics Ltd

Here at Hallmark Electronics, we are experts in PCB assemblies. We are a reliable source for the most comprehensive PCB assemblies and diverse and professional solutions for PCB assemblies.

We provide a full range of PCB assemblies and contract electronic manufacturing services. These are categorised as:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Low through to medium volume production
  • Scheduled orders, Kanban, JIT
  • Dedicated cellular manufacture
  • Conventional through hole PCB assembly, manual and auto soldering
  • Manually placed surface mount component PCB assembly
  • Automated surface mount component PCB assembly
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Cable harness and wiring
  • Complete box/enclosure/unit assembly
  • Complete product assembly, test, packaging and distribution

PCB Flexible

We specialise in PCB assembly and PCB manufacture with particular expertise in flexible PCB. Our flexible PCB, complete manufacture and assembly solutions are comprehensive and market leading.

We have been providing electronic engineering services for over 25 years. From our own manufacturing facility in Newcastle-under Lyme, we offer the full spectrum of PCB supply.

PCB Flexible

High Temperature PCB

We provide high temperature PCB solutions with many uses in various product or industry sectors. The most commonly used material is Polyimide Laminates, providing prepregs and hole filling materials for high performance, high temperature PCB's.

An example material Hallmark uses on a very regular basis is Arlon 85N. 85N laminate and prepreg is the ultimate system for PCBs requiring resistance to high temperature, both in process and in end-use application. Bromine-free chemistry provides Best-in-Class thermal stability for applications with sustained high in-use temperatures as well as for use in lead-free soldering applications.


  • Polyimide with the best thermal performance, including Tg greater than 250°C, decomposition temperature >400°C, and T300>60 min.
  • Low z-expansion of 1.2% between 50-260°C (vs. 2.5-4.0% for typical high-performance epoxies) offering superior PTH reliability through process and in-service
  • Low Z-expansion minimizes the risk of latent PTH defects caused during solder reflow and device attachment.
  • Decomposition temperature of 407°C, compared with 300-360°C  for typical high-performance epoxies, offering outstanding long term high-temperature performance
  • Up to 50% or more reduction in cure time compared with traditional polyimide cycles
  • Electrical and mechanical properties meeting the requirements of IPC-4101/40 and /41
  • Toughened, Non-MDA chemistry resists drill cracking
  • Halogen-free chemistry
  • Compatible with lead-free processing
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant

Typical Applications:

  • PCBs that are subjected to high temperatures during processing, such as lead-free soldering
  • Applications with significant lifetimes at high temperatures, such as aircraft engine instrumentation, down hole drilling, under-hood automotive controls, burn-in boards, or industrial sensors
High Temperature PCB

SMT Assembly

We specialise in advanced SMT assembly and also have market-leading experience and professionalism with PCB layout design and ROHS assembly. To complement our SMT assembly, we have an impressive range of services and capabilities including:

  • Component procurement
  • Through hole and surface mount assembly
  • Cable assembly
  • Box assembly
SMT Assembly

PCB Manufacture

Over 25 years, we have developed our PCB manufacturing techniques and have provided a wide variety of support to a great number of UK, European and American companies. Loyalty from the core of these world-renowned operations is a testament to the PCB manufacturing service and quality we have provided to companies over the years.

Product types include:

  • Multi Layers (up to 24 layers) inclusive of buried and/or blind via holes
  • Multi Layers with bonded heat sinks
  • Plated Through Hole (PTH)
  • Single Sided
  • Flexible
  • Flex Rigid
  • High Temperature (Polyimide)
  • Microwave (PTFE)
  • Copper Invar Construction
  • Special Gold for ‘Chip on Board’
PCB Manufacture

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