Hamburger Drahtseilerei A. Steppuhn GmbH


Standard ropes made of steel wires and wire ropes with special constructions, wire ropes made of special materials, e.g. rust-proof and amagnetic steels and alloys like brass and bronze, wire ropes in strength from approx. 300 to 3000 N/mm2, ropes coated with plastics like PA, PE, PP, PUR, PVC and FEP, glass-fibre rods including accessories, wire ropes cut to length with different endpieces, hoist and lifting technology products like stopping ropes, lifting belts, circular slings, cargo straps and chains, special wire ropes products like cable grips and diverse wire rope accessories.


Our products: sling ropes, diamond wires for wire saws, wire ropes, plastic-coated wire ropes, rust-proof wire ropes, stainless steel wire ropes, fine wire ropes, towing cables for sailplanes, pulley hoists, special wire ropes.

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