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Water stills are the complete answer to all water purification requirements and our range is built entirely in the UK by our own expert craftsmen and women from top quality materials. We can offer deionisers to accompany the still.

Our water stills are used throughout the world in commercial, research and education laboratories and highly valued for their quality manufacture. Our Water Stills are efficient ,low maintenance.

 We also offer all types of laboratory glassware including:

  • Bespoke glassware
  • One-off prototypes
  • Components for further manipulations
  • Screw tops for glass products.

Glass Laboratory Supplies

All of our glass laboratory supplies are manufactured to British or International Standards where applicable and our specialist machinery and manufacturing techniques mean that our glassware is produced and sold on a highly competitive basis.

We can provide the following glass laboratory supplies:

  • Water Stills
  • Deionisers
  • Screw Cap Joints
  • Flasks
  • Cup Joints
  • Condensers
  • Adaptors
  • Bespoke Glassware
  • One-off Prototypes
  • Jointed Glassware
  • Stoppers
  • Organic Chemistry Sets
  • Tube Reactors
Glass Laboratory Supplies

Organic Chemistry Sets

We offer a comprehensive range of semi-micro sets that have been developed to cater for the broadest range of techniques in organic chemistry.

Our organic chemistry sets are designed and built to the highest standards and as well as being fully interchangeable, they are easily replaced if a loss or breakage occurs.

Organic Chemistry Sets

Bespoke Glassware

At Hamilton Laboratory Glass, our skilled team have the ability to produce bespoke glassware from customer's drawings and requirements. Our bespoke glassware services are trusted and relied upon by our global client network.

Bespoke Glassware

About Us

At Hamilton Laboratory Glass Ltd, we have been established since 1973 and are long term suppliers to HM Government, NHS Education authorities in addition to all major selling houses.

We export to many countries worldwide.

Examples are listed below:

  • Middle East
  • Far East
  • Europe

Plus many more found on our website.

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