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The Answer for Safer Floors

No Skidding® Anti-Slip Products can offer you the answer to ‘Slip-Injury’ prevention without having to replace your floors, whilst meeting the Health & Safety UK Slip Resistance Group Issue 3 Guidelines (HSE/Ciria)

No Skidding Products® offer a solution to slip issues on surfaces such as ▪ Ceramic ▪ Terrazzo ▪ Quarry Tile ▪ Concrete ▪ Vinyl ▪ Lino ▪ Wood ▪Metal ▪ Fibreglass ▪ Glass ▪ Slate ▪ Porcelain ▪ Marble and many more.

The applications we can treat stretch from Canteens to Aircraft Carriers by offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of slip-injury prevention products in the world. The products include; Treatments / Coatings / Epoxy Systems / 'Breathable'  Wood Decking SystemSlip / Resistant Epoxy Aerosol Sprays / Anti-Slip Tapes / Safety Tapes / Hazard Warning Tapes / Slip Resistant Cleaners / Maintenance products and many more.

Our dealer network offer a service that ranges from Preparation and Application of No Skidding® products, Pendulum Testing floors to UK Slip Resistance Group Issue 3 guidelines and expertise on floor maintenance and cleaning regimes to optimise floor performance.

No Skidding® Anti-Slip Products are also available for in-house application and we would be pleased to advise on application, on-going maintenance and any issue to assist  you.

Call the exclusive UK & Eire distributor HANDL Solutions Limited on 01824 705522 or visit our website at www.handlsolutions.co.uk for further information on the Dealer Network and No Skidding® Anti-Slip Products and how we can help resolve your ‘Slip-Injury’ issues.
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