Handling Concepts Ltd.


Handling Concepts solve material handling problems by specifying and supplying bespoke solutions. We design and build manipulators for in-line and offset loads, vacuum handling equipment, roll handling equipment and light crane systems as well as mobile solutions and full production lines. We also undertake commissions to design and build completely unique equipment.

We also specialise in supplying lifting equipment to the investment casting, vacuum casting, precision casting and lost wax casting industries. We have extensive expertise the following areas.

Wax shop support

  • Wax die stripping
  • Wax mould manipulation
  • Wax to shell transfer mechanisms

Shell handling

  • Wrapping manipulators
  • Shell washing activities


  • Transfer of moulds into pre-heat furnaces
  • Transfer of moulds into casting vacuum furnaces

Handling Concepts offer in-house training to ensure that your staff are qualified to use the equipment safely and efficiently and we are also able to fully service and repair all equipment we supply.

In 2006 we acquired the interests of Hertel Mechanical Handling Systems which has expanded our customer base and our product range as well as our staff. We are now able to support Hertel customers with new projects as well as parts and service activities.

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