Handy Dryers


We supply a range of  hand dryers. We offer you ECO friendly, high-powered options.

Our products are designed to cut your costs and increase reliability. If in need of hand dryers, please browse our product range. Our customer service team are ready and waiting for your call.

High Speed Dryers

Our Dillo Hand Dryer is a smart and energy efficient high speed dryer. It comes with a drying time of between 8 -12 seconds. These dryers are available in a chrome finish, and offera host of unique benefits.

This high speed dryer has an additional energy saving feature. There is a heat switch allowing you to choose between hot and cold air at the flick of a switch. 

High Speed Dryers

Blade Hand Dryers

We provide the Gorillo Blade Hand Dryers. It has a unique water collection tray to stop water from being blown on to the floor.

This blade hand dryers are some of the quietest, high speed machines available today. Please visit our website for more information and details.

Blade Hand Dryers

Washroom Sterlisation

For washroom sterlisation, we supply the Air Steril washroom steriliser. It kills 98 percent of all bacteria, viruses and mould. It works both in the air and on surfaces.

This washroom steriliser deals with:

  • MRSA
  • SARS
  • Influenza
  • Infections
  • Smells
Washroom Sterlisation

Auto Hand Towel Dispensers

We stock automatic hand towel dispensers. They can be either battery or mains powered.

Using an infrared sensor, our product dispenses an amount of paper hands-free, thereby eliminating the spread of germs. The auto hand towel dispenser is a hygienic and cost-effective way to use paper towels in your office, workplace or school.

Auto Hand Towel Dispensers

Hand Towel Dispensers

Our hand towel dispensers provide paper each time the lever is pushed. The hand towel dispensers are simple to fit, and offer the very best alternative to regular folded paper towels.

  • Product Dimension: 330(W) x 360(H) x 230(T) mm
  • Compatible Paper Roll size: D190 x 200 (W) mm.
  • Paper delivery length: Adjustable between 160-400mm.
Hand Towel Dispensers

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