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Sheetmetal Engineering

Fine Limit CNC Sheetmetall Fabrication

Introduction: Hane Instruments are precision sheet metal fabrication engineers based in Slough Berkshire with a powder coating shop in Bognor Sussex providing services to the automotive, defence, electronics and medical sectors across the UK.

Sheet Metal Fabrication: Equipped with an Amada Europe CNC Punch and a range of ancillary sheetmetal tools, Hane Instruments offer fine limit punching and fabrication services in steel, mild steel and aluminium up to 5mm thick at an accuracy of 0.1mm.

Quality: Operating to ISO9001:2000 quality standards the company has been trading since 1973 and has a hands on management team.

Production Management: Hane offer annual call off, JIT and Kanban support services utilizing the latest computer technology.

Contact: For further information, call now: 01753 528884

Sheetmetal Enclosures

Hane Instruments Limited was founded on the back of the electronics boom of the 1970's and specialised in the fabrication of electronic and computer housing enclosures. We have continued to serve this market for over 35 years and manufacture a varied range of sheetmetal enclosures ranging from simple electrical boxes, light weight plated computer enclosures and instrument panels right up to large scale upright rack and junction cabinets, powder coated and completed with fixtures and glass doors.

Sheetmetal Brackets

Much of our regular work is the forming of both simple and complex bracket arrangements. We work with a wide range of material including aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel in thicknesses upto 6mm and offer a range of assembly and inhouse finishing services. Below is a small sample of sheetmetal brackets we have manufactured.

Sheetmetal Cabinets

We have years of experience in the fabrication of large sheet metal cabinets for electrical and electronics systems housing.

Sheet Metal Work

Sheet Metal Work: Our current manufacturing equipment has been built up to ensure a wide variety of projects can be undertaken whilst achieving the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Core to our abilities are the Amada Europe 245 CNC punch press with a capacity of 20T capable of working with sheet thicknesses of up to 5mm, with a punch accuracy of ±0.1mm; and the 20T 31 station Amada Vipros 255 which can handle sheet sizes upto 2.5m x 1.25m, material thicknesses upto 6.4mm and can operate at up to 1000 hits per minute.


Forming: Other forming equipment includes-

4*2m 50T Promecam's NC controlled
1*1m 25T Promecam's NC controlled
Guillotine with a 3.0 meter * 5mm thick capability

Full compliment of drilling machines, fly presses, notchers and ancillary equipment built up over 34 years; plus access to off site machining facilities.

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication: We offer a fabrication service catering for most requirements from one off prototype parts to large batch production runs handling items up to 150kg. Using custom jigs we also have the facilities to fabricate components such as automotive chasis's and specialist assemblies to clients specifications.


Assembly: We offer light electronic assembly services and are able to stock component parts ready to assemble into complete kits for direct shipping to your end user on a kanban basis.

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