HangOn Ltd


We are a family-owned company and global market leader specialising in the supply of smart products for hanging, masking and handling in industrial coating. This unrivaled expertise covers powder coating hooks. Our supply of powder coating hooks is extensive and covers a wide variety of applications.

Options include:

  • Fixed hooks
  • Copper hooks (CU)
  • Locking hook
  • Sheet clamp hooks

Powder Coating Jigs

We also manufacture a wide range of powder coating jigs for high quantity smaller items for powder coating. We pride ourselves on quality, service and value for money. See our entire powder coating jigs range on our website.

They include:

  • Flexible jigs
  • Yoke jigs
  • Jigging system for wires

Silicone Masking

We produce a number of silicone masking products for a variety of applications in the powder coating industry.

In our range we supply and manufacture silicone masking products for plane surface, masking for holes, and masking for axles.

Qualicoat Test Panels

A new product range from HangOn Ltd is the Qualicoat test panels. Qualicoat is a recognised accreditation and HangOn Ltd have manufactured our Qualicoat test panels to this high standard.

We manufacture in steel and aluminium depending on the application. These tend to be used in applications for multi-powder coating purposes.

High Temperature Polyester tape and Die Cuts

We supply high temperature polyester tape and die cuts as part of our masking product range. Options in high temperature polyester tape and die cuts are extensive.

Products include:

  • Masking tape with partial adhesive coating
  • Silicone rubber tape
  • Tape dispensers
  • Square labels

Copper Hooks

Another new addition to our product range is copper hooks. We manufacture these copper hooks for the electroplating industry. As well as copper hooks, we supply many related products.

They include:

  • Snap-on arrow hooks
  • Fixed hooks
  • Flexhooks
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