Harboro Rubber Co Ltd


Harboro Rubber - UK Rubber Moulding, Synthetic Rubbers and Elastomer Manufacturer

Harboro has over 100 years of experience in meeting customers’ rubber moulding needs. We offer a complete rubber moulding service in all natural and synthetic rubbers (elastomers).  Our service incorporates design support, material selection / specification, prototyping and full production from our plant in Leicestershire, UK.

Our customers find that we are straight talking and highly innovative. We will advise you if there’s a more cost-effective solution, if a design can be improved or if you are using the right material. We have the perspective of lots of industries, including automotive, aerospace, auto-sport (Formula 1), electrical, electronic, oil & gas and marine.   This extensive knowledge is at our customers’ disposal to help solve their requirements, cost effectively.

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