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We supply high precision CNC lathes and turning centres for industry. Our products are designed to exceed your expectations, allow you to create high precision parts with one set up.

Our CNC lathes and turning centres include:

  • T-Series - Super-Precision
  • Quest Series - Gang/Gang Turret
  • GS Series - Performance

Milling Machines

We take pride in supplying the Bridgeport brand of milling machines. For over 70 years, Bridgeport has been known for their quality machining centres around the world. We have all your milling machine needs covered, including:
  • vertical machining centres
  • horizontal machining centres
  • 5-axis machining centres
  • knee-mills
Milling Machines

5-Axis Machines

We have Bridgeport’s latest generation of 5-axis vertical machining centres. We know by purchasing this machining centre, it will bring your precision machining processes instant and positive results. We combine unrivalled technology with a commitment to improving your productivity. The quality of our 5-axis vertical machining centres and business performance have helped us create a very loyal client base.

5-Axis Machines

Grinding Machines

Our selection of grinding machines allows you to choose from the best selection of global manufacturers. We supply Kellenberger, Jones & Shipman, Hauser, & Tschudin.Recoginized worldwide for their grinding excellence, these grinding machines give the versatility you need from your equipment.   We stock:
  • Universal OD/ID Cylindrical Grinders
  • Universal/Surface/Profile/Creep Feed Grinders
  • Jig Grinders
  • OD Production Grinders
  •  Flexible Creep Feed Grinding Center
Grinding Machines

Vertical Machining Centres

Our vertical machining centres provide you increased manufacturing capacity and flexibility. We are sure to have the vertical machining centres to meet your needs.

We stock:

  • XR Series - High Performance (X,Y,Z)
  • GX-Series - Performance (X,Y,Z)
  • Vertical Pallet Changer
Vertical Machining Centres

Hardinge Group

We lead the market in providing turning, milling, grinding and workholding solutions. At the Hardinge Group, we do not cut corners on product design. We guarantee our parts and products will be right for the you the first time.

Equipment from Hardinge is industry leading and be found in the aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, construction, agriculture, mould, tool and die industries.

Hardinge Group

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