We are market leaders and experts in providing a vast selection of world-class industrial automation hardware, industrial computers and connectivity tools relevant to all industrial environments.

We offer an eclectic variety of industrial computers including touchscreen computers, industrial panels, industrial monitors, embedded computers and I/O modules.

Industrial Automation Hardware Solutions

We are providers of the most comprehensive and professional industrial automation hardware solutions. We supply our renowned and all-encompassing industrial automation hardware solutions to the manufacturing and infrastructure market.

These solutions are diverse and range from ruggedized ethernet switches to mission critical fault tolerant servers.

Industrial Automation Hardware Solutions

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial ethernet provides a versatile range of transmission media including copper, glass fibre and also 'wireless'. For the most comprehensive and top quality industrial ethernet products, we are the unbeatable source.

Products include:

  • Unmanaged industrial ethernet switches
  • Managed industrial ethernet switches
  • Media converters
  • Industrial grade wireless LAN
Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Network Connectivity

Our industrial network connectivity services and solutions are extensive. We are the main distributor in the UK and Ireland for Woodhead Industries' Brad® Communications and also for Red Lion Controls range of interface products.

Our industrial network productivity product range includes:

Industrial Network Connectivity

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