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Harford can help you to optimise your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) through the provision of integrated real time information, automatically collected from your production lines, analysed, prioritised and distributed, in real time, to the desktops of those who can make best use of it.  This informs not only of non-conformances, but also corrective actions taken and any improvement opportunities, allowing you to manufacture products of the highest quality at the lowest price.

The Harford overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) control system brings you the power and flexibility of an integrated information management system, to help you:

  • Improve yields - better weight and volume control
  • Minimise downtime - collection and analysis of start, stop and fault data from any line
  • Eliminate coding errors - get it right first time and eliminate human error
  • Optimise labour - operator, engineer and supervisor tracking
  • Right first time quality - proactive checks to ensure quality standards are maintained
  • Reduce wastage - identify and eliminate the root causes of waste
  • Minimise paper recording
  • Optimise overall efficiency
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